Soorten bankgaranties voor ondernemers
Soorten bankgaranties voor ondernemers

Types of bank guarantee

With a bank guarantee (or bank warranty), your bank acts as guarantor to ensure a financial obligation is met. If you have a business and are unable to pay a certain sum of money, the bank will pay that amount to your counterparty on your behalf. 

Bank guarantees vary depending on their purpose and the type of transaction involved.

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If your counterparty is a government agency or state-owned company, this guarantee covers your performance obligations towards them (for instance, under a public tender contract).

With a performance guarantee, you give your business relations the assurance that they will receive financial compensation should you fail to fulfil or only partially fulfil your performance obligations under the contract.

The bank acts as guarantor on your behalf under this guarantee. Your obligations as a tenant are covered in the way stipulated in the lease.

The advance payment guarantee or advance refund guarantee covers the risk of not being able to repay an advance or only being able to repay part of it, if you fail to honour all or part of your contract.

If you fail to deliver or only deliver some of the goods or services, or if there are other contractual obligations you cannot fulfil, this bank guarantee covers the payment of compensation to the beneficiary.

If you operate in Flanders and want to carry out transboundary shipments of waste, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM) may demand a bank guarantee.

If you operate in Wallonia and want to carry out transboundary shipments of waste, the ‘Service Public de Wallonie’ (SPW) may demand a bank guarantee.

If you operate in the Netherlands and want to carry out transboundary shipments of waste, the Dutch State may demand a bank guarantee.

When you intend to purchase products and/or services from a business partner, this guarantee offers them the assurance that they will receive payment no matter what.

The customs bank guarantee covers your payment obligations towards the FPS Finance – General Administration of Customs & Excise. Examples include a comprehensive guarantee for community transit (Annex 1), a personal guarantee (Annex 2), Suspension Rule (Annex 22), a ‘deed of guarantee plus’, fiscal agent or any other customs-related guarantee.

A tender guarantee or bid bond is issued when you want to participate in a tender at home or abroad.

The body issuing the (public) invitation to tender or issuing a call for tender wants to avoid a situation where companies participating in the tender do not have sufficient financial and/or technical resources to perform the contract or they do not possess the required specialist knowledge. The tender guarantee covers this type of risk.

If you are a newsagent and/or sell National Lottery products, the National Lottery may demand a bank guarantee as security for transferring the amounts collected.

When you work on a project for a customer, they may retain part of the invoice payment as security for the proper performance of the contract. The customer retention is typically expressed as a percentage of the invoice amount.

This bank guarantee covers the buyer's failure to retain a certain percentage of the payments.

This bank guarantee covers the proper performance of the warranty obligations in the underlying agreement.

Transport companies are obliged to put up a guarantee to secure their financial obligations. You require this bank guarantee when applying for a transport licence for national and/or Community road haulage.

When you want to obtain a transport licence for national and/or Community road passenger transport, this bank guarantee proves that your financial capacity is sufficient for this purpose.

This bank guarantee serves as security for claims arising from the performance of activities covered by this transport licence.

This bank guarantee covers very specifically the repayment of loans taken out at another financial institution.

The Breyne Act (9 July 1971) protects individuals who are building a house or buying a turnkey home. As an authorised vendor or contractor, you therefore have to provide a bank guarantee through the Deposit and Consignment Office.

You can apply online for all bank guarantees directly in KBC Mobile, KBC Touch or the KBC Business Dashboard. If you didn't find your ideal bank guarantee in the list, don’t hesitate to contact your branch. Our colleagues there will be happy to help you find a solution that suits your professional needs.

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