Start to Market

Personal training and efficient marketing tools for more customers and higher turnover

Start to Market

Personal training and efficient marketing tools for more customers and higher turnover

Online marketing tailored to your business

You'll follow an individual programme and develop a marketing plan made for your business.

More customers, more turnover

You'll develop marketing plans that truly work: attract new customers and up your sales.

Choice of three courses

Facebook, LinkedIn or a marketing plan for all social media? You choose!

As a liberal professional, freelancer of director of your own SME, you don't need a complicated, expensive marketing strategy. But you do need efficient tools to attract more customers online via social media and raise your turnover. At Start to Market, you follow marketing courses tailored to your business. You'll learn, step by step, how to set up marketing campaigns that really work.

Marketing for the self-employed and SMEs

  • Learn marketing techniques that can quickly deliver more customers and turnover.
  • Get to find out everything about the latest marketing trends in online and social media.
  • Put all the tools into practice yourself. That makes you independent of others and lowers your costs.
  • Let step plans and online videos help you become a true marketing expert at your own pace.

Courses tailored to your business

You'll be assigned your own personal coach. Working through an individual supervised marketing programme, you'll develop an online marketing plan perfectly honed to your business. You'll learn how to put that plan into practice yourself using the latest social media techniques. At the end of the course, you'll be given fully detailed advice. For half a year, you get access to instructional videos on Start to Market's e-learning platform.

After doing the training, you can request an appraisal session. You'll sit down with Start to Market and look at your results, using them to develop a new initiatives and improve your plan.

With KBC, you can choose from three courses:

Boost your Business Online with Facebook Marketing

A course of evening classes helping you develop an online marketing plan for Facebook, teaching you the latest, most-efficient Facebook techniques for SMEs, the liberal professions and directors of closed companies.

Boost your Business Online with LinkedIn Marketing

An evening workshop to teach you LinkedIn strategy. You'll discover the latest, most-sophisticated methods to attract new customers using a targeted strategy.

Market Your Business

Three months' close collaboration with a coach to develop a complete marketing and social media strategy for your brand or business. Your goal: to draw in more custom and raise your turnover. In your marketing plan, get the best out of online channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and e-mail.

Sign up through KBC and get a discount

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With SME portfolio*

Facebook Marketing 795 euros instead of 895 euros 477 euros instead of 537 euros
LinkedIn Marketing 795 euros instead of895 euros 477 euros instead of 537 euros
Market your Business 2,384 euros instead of 2,484 euros 1,430 euros instead of 1,490 euros
* The Flemish government's SME portfolio gives you grants when you request advice for which a fee is charged or when you take training or coaching courses.

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