KBC Business Invest Service

  • Track your company's investments
  • Get advice from a Wealth Management Expert
  • Receive detailed reports
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Sometimes you have money on your business account that you can do without for a longer period of time. That’s when managing this surplus cash effectively is important if you want to maximise your returns. The KBC Business Invest Service is a free service to help you and your company navigate the landscape of investing.

How does the KBC Business Invest Service work?

What are you going to invest in, what are the opportunities and risks and when is the best time to invest? At KBC, we have a full team of experts who are on hand to answer those questions. Together with your KBC adviser, they will look at your specific tax and legal situation and provide investment advice that’s tailored to the needs of your organisation. The concrete advice that you and your business are given can then be put to use right away.

In addition, you receive clear reports whenever you want and you can track your investments on a daily basis using KBC Mobile, KBC Touch or the KBC Business Dashboard.

How much does the KBC Business Invest Service cost?

The KBC Business Invest Service is free of charge. The only thing you have to pay are the charges related to the products your company invests in.

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KBC Business Invest Service is available to legal entities such as companies and non-profit organisations. If you’re interested in how we can support your organisation through this service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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