Find out what we can do for your association

We are here for you

Find out what we can do for your association

We are here for you

Owners' associations are warmly received at KBC! We therefore make every effort to continuously improve our services. So, be sure to check out what we have to offer your owners' association.

What products do we have for owners' associations?

Does your owners' association have renovation plans?

If it does, check out the KBC Renovation Loan for Owners’ Associations. It enables you to act quickly when financing essential energy-saving renovations costing at least 100 000 euros in the communal areas of a building, such as roof insulation, façade improvements or high-efficiency glazing.

What do the services for owners' associations cost?

Since December 2022, we have charged an annual administrative management fee of 250 euros. It is charged to the current account on which most debit transactions have been carried out over the past year.

Important to know: the only owners’ associations we accept are active owners’ associations with a company number. Entities with joint ownership of property (without a company number) are not 

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