Investment credit

  1. Personalised rate for each type of product
  2. Simple digital application process
  3. Easy to sign for, draw down and manage online
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What can you finance with an investment credit? 

Your company car

A passenger car or van (electric, new or second-hand).

Your business equipment

Office and shop equipment, agricultural and industrial machinery (both new and second-hand).  .

Real estate

Renovating or purchasing a (commercial) property, taking over a business, etc.

Regardless of whether you've an established business or are just starting one, you want to get off on the right foot no matter what.

Prefer not to use your own capital to, say, purchase a company car, machinery, office equipment, business property or business equipment?  The good news is that KBC has three financing options you can use for this instead: leasing, renting and investment credit.  

The investment credit option  

An investment credit is a type of medium or long-term loan (i.e. with a term of two to 20 years). You can use it for purchasing fixed assets such as property for your business, company cars and equipment.

It can be used to fund the start-up of your business or for new investments to further grow your business.  KBC Touch, KBC Mobile and the KBC Business Dashboard enable you to apply quickly and easily for new credit facilities. If you’d like to discuss your financing needs with us, our experts are ready to help you in person at your branch or where you are through KBC Live.

After signing, you can digitally manage and draw down the new credit facilities. 

You can take out an investment credit with either a fixed or variable interest rate. The interest you end up paying depends on the rate you choose. 
If you opt for a fixed interest rate, you have a clear idea of the total amount to be repaid, whereas with a variable interest rate, the rate is subject to change at set times during the life of the loan. Whether it goes up or down depends on how the financial markets perform. 

The amount of your investment credit takes into account:

  • your investment plan
  • quotes and orders
  • what you can invest yourself


The term of your investment credit can range from two to 20 years and depends on the nature of the investment and the useful life of the item being financed. It is a maximum of five years for company vehicles, but up to 20 years when you buy property for your business. 

The investment credit is a business loan facility that is suited to both starters and established business owners, such as:

  • The self-employed and liberal professions
  • SME owners
  • Agricultural and horticultural businesses
  • Large companies

1. Wide range of repayment options

  • Make repayments every month, three months, six months or year
  • Pay in equal instalments or make equal principal repayments

* If you apply for your investment credit online, you opt for monthly repayments. 

2. Can be drawn down in instalments or in one lump sum

You can decide whether to draw down the entire sum in one go (for example to purchase a building) or to draw down the loan in instalments, such as for renovation work. Drawdowns can be made only after the relevant invoices have been submitted.

3. Can be combined with government aid

The government has implemented measures to encourage businesspeople to invest. View the list of support measures.

4. Easy to apply and manage online

KBC Touch,KBC Mobile and the KBC Business Dashboard make it a breeze to work out, compare and apply for the right credit facility for you and your business. You can see straight away whether your application has been approved or needs to be checked by KBC.
Once approved you can digitally sign, draw down and manage your credit facility.

5. Tax-deductible

An investment credit must be processed on the accounting balance sheet (capitalisation and depreciation). The interest and charges on the credit are tax-deductible. 

6. Financial protection

With your investment credit facility, you can protect your family or business by taking out optional death cover. Learn more about remission of debt insurance.

I bought a second-hand car for my business after taking out an investment credit at KBC to finance it. I applied for the loan digitally using KBC Mobile and within half an hour the money was in my account. The whole process went that quickly! If everything else in life was that easy, I’d have so much more free time. 😉

David Counye, Skateworld

Generate a no-obligation proposal

At KBC, you can save time by not having to make appointments at your branch. You can easily work out and apply for your credit facility online in just a few steps:

1. Select a car, business property or business equipment 
2Apply for your financing online using KBC Mobile, KBC Touch or the KBC Business Dashboard 
3. Wait for your application to be approved and sign the contracts online  
4. Start repaying your loan after the first drawdown (drawdowns can only be made after invoices are submitted)  You can then convert our proposal into an application and check how feasible your credit facility is.

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