Investment instruments

Investment instruments

Third-party funds

Like to spread your investment portfolio? Investment funds offered by third parties provide useful diversification.

Real Estate Service

If you don't want to miss out on any property iinvestment opportunities, you should read all about the KBC Real Estate Service.

Equities Service

Can shares deliver a higher return over the long term? Find out now.

Share Finder

Discover all the shares offered by KBC Private Banking thanks to the handy share finder. 

Bonds service

Do you want to invest in bonds? Our strategist will be happy to help you find your way around the current bond market.

KBC Funds

Funds that invest in shares, bonds, real estate or cash? Or do you prefer a particular country, sector or theme? KBC offers you a wide range to choose from.


Curious about our funds? With our fundfinder you can search them easily.

Exclusive funds

Looking for a unique opportunity? Discover KBC Private Banking's investments and management formulas.

Socially responsible investing at Private Banking & Wealth

Regardless of the investment formula that's right for you, you'll always be given the opportunity to make socially responsible investments at KBC Private Banking & Wealth.

• SRI funds perform just as well as traditional funds over the long term.  
That means you don't miss out on return by making this type of investment.

• Socially responsible investing enables you to contribute to a better
society for yourself, others and future generations.

Unit-linked life insurance (Class 23) products

Unit-linked life insurance is an investment-type insurance policy linked to one or more investment funds. The ideal product for inheritance planning with the potential to generate a higher return.

Long-term saving with a unit-linked life insurance (class 23)

  • Tax-efficient
  • Can be combined with pension saving