Pensions for medical liberal professionals

KBC Life Pension Plan – NIHDI

Pensions for medical liberal professionals

KBC Life Pension Plan – NIHDI

If you are a doctor, dentist, pharmacist, speech therapist, physiotherapist or self-employed nurse who has signed up to the national agreements of the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI), you are entitled to an annual allowance from the NIHDI. It must be used to finance social pension savings insurance or guaranteed income insurance.

Why choose a KBC Life Pension Plan – NIHDI?

If you use your NIHDI allowance to take out a KBC Life Pension Plan – NIHDI, you will receive a sound protection plan tailored to your needs. You build up a supplementary pension with guaranteed return and complementary protection thanks to additional cover for disability caused by illness or an accident.

Protection provided by three types of solidarity cover

90% of you premium is used for pension constitution plus any added cover you take out for death. The remaining 10% is used to fund three types of solidarity benefit that provide additional protection in case of disability:

  • Funding of supplementary pension for disability caused by illness.
  • Funding of supplementary pension for disability caused by an accident.
  • Compensation for loss of income in the form of an annuity should you become physically disabled following an illness or accident.

Note: the extra cover provided by a KBC Life Pension Plan – NIHDI is a nice bonus, but relatively limited, so solid guaranteed income insurance is still an absolute must for anyone who is self-employed.

Secure: guaranteed return

Every deposit into your pension savings plan earns you a guaranteed rate of interest of 0.75% (1-10-2016). If the interest rate changes, that only affects deposits as of that date.

You can sign up to the solidarity component without medical formalities

The added covers are offered on the basis of solidarity between insured persons so you can sign up without completing a medical questionnaire or examination.

Features of a Life Pension Plan – NIHDI

Legal form Guaranteed-rate life insurance (class 21)
Term The contract expires on your legal retirement or in the event of death before retirement
Costs 5% entry charges on each deposit. No management fee or premium taxes.
Deposit The solidarity contribution is 10% of each deposit into a social pension agreement. The other 90% goes towards building up a pension.

Can I combine the NIHDI policy with other life insurance?

Yes, you can combine the KBC Life Pension Plan – NIHDI with a Social voluntary supplementary pension scheme for the self-employed (Social VSPSS), individual pension saving or individual life insurance. The NIHDI policy can also be combined with Group insurance or an individual pension scheme, but account will have to be taken of the 80% rule.

This rule holds that the pension premiums for supplementary pensions are only tax-deductible if the total of your state and supplementary pensions (expressed as an annual annuity) does not exceed 80% of your last normal gross annual salary (taking into account the normal progression of a career).

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