Manage your invoicing online with Billit in KBC Touch

Starting from just 7.5 euros a month excluding VAT


  • Get great-value use of an extensive e-billing platform
  • Get a quick idea of your incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Pay up to 30 invoices in a single click
  • Get a notification when a payment date gets closer


Try Billit at no cost for 15 days

What is Billit?

Billit is an online invoicing platform that takes away the hassle of preparing, receiving, tracking and sending invoices and quotes. It also lets you automatically generate order and delivery forms for a quote or invoice. How convenient is that?

Another added advantage is that Billit can be easily integrated into existing accounting systems. That keeps you happy ... and your accountant too! 

What are the benefits of having Billit in KBC Touch?

Get an idea of your financial situation in a single click

Your incoming and outgoing invoices are placed in a handy overview that includes payments not yet received or made, giving you an at-a-glance idea of your financial situation.

View your outstanding invoices at a glance

A click is all it takes to see which invoices have still to be paid. It couldn’t be easier! Alert your customers right away with a reminder or pay any outstanding invoice of your own directly from Touch.

Pay up to 30 invoices in one go

The handy remittance folder in KBC Touch lets you pay up to 30 invoices in one go, saving you time and reducing the risk of making a mistake when entering your payment details. If your customer pays in cash, you can mark the invoice as ‘Paid’ in Touch.

Stay up to date thanks to automatic notifications

If it looks like a customer might be late in making payment, you'll be automatically alerted. You can then send a reminder to the customer in question right from the app.

If you have to pay an invoice yourself, a message will be sent to your smartphone warning you about it in good time. You can also quickly see from your Touch or Mobile overview which payments you still need to make.

Simplify your invoice management in Touch

What does it cost?

Billit can be connected with KBC Touch for free. Not only that, you can try out Billit for 15 days at no charge. After this period expires, you can either take out a subscription or continue with the free licence.

A subscription to Billit can start from as little as 7.5 euros a month (excluding VAT), with the definitive cost depending on the number of invoices you process each month. If you don't have a subscription, you will not be able to see your outgoing invoices in Touch.

What do businesspeople say about Billit?

The main benefit to having Billit in KBC Touch is the huge amount of time you save. I've now got more control over my payments and a better view of my document flows. Billit is also really affordable and you quickly recoup what you've spent in the time that's freed up.

Thomas Vanderhoydonck, Fietsen De Geus

Digital invoicing

How do you get started with Billit?

To start using Billit in KBC Touch, you need to have a business account with KBC.

  1. Log in to KBC Touch and select 'Payments' > 'Business Cockpit' 
  2. Tap or click 'Get started with Billit' and sign in (if you don't have an account yet, quickly create one) 
  3. Done!  You can now easily add and view your invoices in the Business Cockpit 
Get started with Billit in KBC Touch

Need help? Call the KBC Helpdesk on 016 43 25 07, visit the Billit  website or send an e-mail to

Good to know: you can get started with Billit if you are entitled to take autonomous decisions in your capacity as a business manager. If you have any questions in this regard, feel free to contact KBC Live or your KBC branch. We can then, for instance, check to see whether the articles of representation are correctly registered with us.