Using your business credit card

Using your business credit card

Managing your business credit card (online)

Changing your business credit card’s limit

Contact your KBC branch or KBC Live to adjust your limit. Changes to your limit are effective immediately.

How do I change my business credit card’s PIN?

  • I know my current PIN
    Change your PIN at an ATM at any time.
  • I’ve forgotten my PIN
    Contact your KBC branch or KBC Live to request a new PIN. If necessary, we will make sure you get a new card by post without delay.

How do I pay abroad?

Travelling abroad on business and want to use your card while you’re away? Our KBC Touch, KBC Mobile and KBC Business Dashboard apps let you set where your credit card can be used. Worldwide use (excluding the US) is the standard setting. You can change this setting for use just in Europe or worldwide (including the US).

How do I activate my card for use in other countries?

On your desktop or tablet:

  1. Log in to KBC Touch, KBC Mobile or KBC Business Dashboard
  2. Select the card to be activated
  3. Select ‘Manage card’
  4. Select ‘Can be used as standard in’
  5. Select where you want to use your card as standard and whether it’s being activated temporarily or permanently

Please note: paying for things and withdrawing cash with your credit card is not always charge-free.

Where can I pay contactless using a KBC Mastercard Business Essential or KBC Mastercard Business Extra?

Paying by contactless with your business credit card

You can do so at home and abroad at payment terminals showing the contactless logo.

Make contactless payments by holding your card against the payment terminal and then see whether the payment went through on the screen. You’ll sometimes be asked to enter your PIN first. Contactless payments are processed in the same way as when you insert your card into the terminal and enter your PIN. If you prefer not to use your card’s contactless feature, it’s easy to disable it online in KBC Touch, KBC Mobile or KBC Business Dashboard.  

Fixing problems with your business credit card

Getting a new PIN for your credit card

Contact your KBC branch or KBC Live.

We’ll make sure that you can either:

  • Set a new PIN at an ATM, or
  • Get a new PIN by post

Credit card lost, stolen or retained by an ATM?

Block your cards without delay via ‘Cards’ inKBC Mobile. Select the card you want to block and next the ‘Card Stop’ option. Alternatively, you can also call Card Stop on 070 344 344 (0,30 euro/min). And just to be on the safe side, you should also block your card if it’s retained by an ATM.

Get a new card

Card damaged or defective?

Quickly replace your defective card using KBC Touch, KBC Mobile or KBC Business Dashboard.

To do this, go to the ‘Manage card’ tab for your credit card.

If you haven’t started using our app yet, get in touch with your KBC branch or KBC Live.
We’ll check your card and, if necessary, ensure that it is replaced as soon as possible.

Withdrawing cash with your business credit card

Can I withdraw cash with my business credit card?

You can withdraw up to 620 euros every four days. This can be done from any ATM in Belgium or abroad where you see the Mastercard logo.

Don't forget that withdrawing cash with your credit card costs you more in fees.

See what it costs to withdraw cash with your credit card

More questions about your KBC Mastercard for Business?

Then simply contact a member of staff at your KBC Bank branch or give us a call on 078 353 137 (KBC Live). You can also reach your KBC Team via our contact page.  

The KBC Mastercard Business Essential is a credit card issued by: KBC Bank NV, with registered office at Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, Belgium, VAT BE 0462.920.226, RLP Brussels, FSMA 026256 A.

Attention, borrowing money also costs money

Which mobile banking app’s best for me?

Your definition of smartphone banking may be an app offering just a few basic features, like making transfers. Or perhaps you want a more extensive app for your business? Your choice!
Which mobile banking app’s best for me?

Start using KBC Touch

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KBC e-Business Card

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  • Exchange information with government bodies
  • Multiple cards possible
KBC e-Business Card

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