Account statements

More than just bank statements

Account statements

More than just bank statements

See records going back 10 years

Have 24/7 online access to account details whenever you need them.

Get bespoke reports as needed

The 'Request reports' facility in Online for Business lets you choose which account information you want a report on.

Get account information online, at a KBC Matic terminal or by post

Prefer paper statements? Just print them off yourself – fast and easy! We'll also send you them by post or you can collect them from a KBC Matic terminal.

KBC Bank accounts

You can print off your statements at a KBC ATM or have them sent to you by post. And you can access all the details you need online as well going back 10 years. 

What you can do online

If you prefer to do things online, you can check your account details that way rather than on paper. You can view details going back 10 years. Print them off so there's no need to go to your KBC branch to do so or don't print them at all and save a few more trees!

Use the ‘Request reports’ facility in KBC-Online for Business to get specific account details like details of individual transactions without revealing full details of your account to someone. You can do this whenever and as often as you like, in both PDF and CSV format.

You can also get your statements just like you would from the ATMs at our branches through our Online Statement Service by selecting 'Request statements of account'. You see a preview of how many transactions are ready to be printed. 

What you can do offline

Every KBC Bank branch has KBC ATMs that let you print account statements of your most recent transactions.

If you take longer than 120 days to print off your account statements, we'll send them to you, but we do charge for this service. You can also ask us to post them to you as standard once a month (at a cost of 0.85 euros per month) or more than once a month (at a cost of 7.65 euros per month).

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