Joyn, the digital loyalty card

...that grows your business

Joyn, the digital loyalty card

...that grows your business

Loyalty card and marketing tool in one!

Joyn kills two birds with one stone: fostering customer relations and gathering useful data.

Handy e-mail tool

Lets you inform customers of new products and promotions.

Interactive loyalty scheme like no other

Your customers save up points on their card or app for great benefits.

What is Joyn?

For your customers, Joyn is a handy, digital loyalty card for a number of stores all at the same time. For you, it's an essential marketing tool that you can't afford to be without.

How it works

By using an actual card or scanning an app on your iPad, your customers get points that count towards fun prizes or super discounts. Every scan allows you to collect useful details, such as their e-mail address, age, sex and postcode. Details that allow you to carry out targeted marketing campaigns.

The app also shows customers other businesses that use Joyn. Yours included, maybe, so that it helps your business grow even more.

To try out Joyn as a customer, just download the app.

Enhance customer retention

joyn digitale klantenkaart app

Joyn is the innovative way to strengthen relations between your business and your customers. It's fast, easy and efficient. Now isn't that exactly what you need?

  • An interactive, original saving scheme allows you to quickly give your customers something to smile about. They'll be more than happy to beat a path back to your store!
  • The customer details you gather help you develop smart marketing campaigns. You can make offers that match your customers' profiles perfectly.
  • The Joyn statistics don't just give you insight into your customer base, they also show you which campaigns are most effective.

Handy e-mail tool

Joyn incorporates an extensive e-mail tool, helping you set up personalised, targeted e-mail campaigns.  For instance, you can target an offer to just women aged between 25 and 40, or to men in your home region. 

You can also get the e-mail tool to send out automated e-mails. A tidy discount on your customer's birthday might be a good opportunity or if they haven't dropped by for a while.

Good to know

Some 2 million consumers are already able to use their Joyn loyalty card at more than 5,000 retailers.

Saving points and paying at the same time

Make it even easier for your customers (and yourself) by linking Joyn to Payconiq, the payment app.

How does it work? Offer Payconiq and Joyn in your store (we'll naturally help you with this). Your customers download the Payconiq app and simply link their Joyn card to it. When they subsequently pay using Payconiq, they also collect points at the same time. You don't then have to scan the Joyn app or card separately. Quick as a flash and couldn't be easier!

Annual fee

There are two plans to choose from:


Basic package

39 euros/month

Pro package

49 euros/month

Joyn app on your iPad 
Access to customer details (e-mail, age, etc.)
Access to stats 
Advice and service 
Your business is visible on the website 
Your business is visible in the customer app 
200 standard Joyn cards
Facebook integration   
Advanced e-mail tool  
Automated e-mail campaigns  

Is Joyn something for you?

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