Which payment methods can I offer in my business?

KBC Payment Solutions

Which payment methods can I offer in my business?

KBC Payment Solutions

The world of business never stands still

Customers prefer convenience when buying your products and services. They like to order online or at your shop, have the goods delivered or collected, pay by card or smartphone and also get sound advice in your physical or virtual store. It's breathtaking what means are now available to get your business growing in line with customers' needs. And KBC has its finger on the pulse. Together, we'll make sure the customer experience at your store is a great one – now and in the future.

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A free smartphone app letting your customers pay fast. Really useful when they're at your shop or buying online.

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Our classic range of payment terminals is now fitted out for contactless payments (with the appropriate bank card). So, what are you waiting for? 

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Our digital savings card lets customers collect points, tells you more about them and allows you to serve them better with promos and offers.

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