Surefire success using your payment terminal


Surefire success using your payment terminal

Portable payment terminal

The Yoximo is a portable terminal featuring an integrated printer and rechargeable battery.

Operates via mobile or wireless internet

It's ideal for both portable and mobile use such as on-the-road transactions and receiving payments indoors on the go in the likes of shops, restaurants and hotels.

Choice of renting or buying

You can rent or purchase the terminal through KBC. The choice is yours!

Rent or buy options with guaranteed quality

Rechargeable battery included

Technical support from Worldline on a dedicated phone number for KBC clients +32 (0)2 727 63 59

Why choose Yoximo?

Let your clients pay you when you are with them, using a payment terminal that accepts payment and credit cards and luncheon vouchers. With its own built-in printer  and a clear overview of what you collected. Thanks to KBC Yoximo you can sleep easy.

Who is it for?

Do you want to process payments quickly? Wherever you are? KBC Yoximo gives business owners like you flexibility. Ideal if you are often off-site.

Here's how it works

Get to know this flexible technology

KBC Yoximo is a mobile payment terminal that works on 3G, 4G or WiFi. It also effortlessly reads electronic luncheon vouchers, eIDs, SIS (health insurance) cards and payment and credit cards.

Extra! Do you deposit the revenue you receive through your payment terminal into a KBC business account? Then you will save 15 euros each year on the management fee for your KBC Business Compact or KBC Business Convenience.

Contactless payments for your clients

Using this portable terminal you can easily accept contactless payments. KBC Yoximo is equipped with an NFC reader on its screen. All the buyer needs to do is hold their card against it. Smart and quick!

Rent or buy? Your choice!

Included as standard

  • Counter-top terminal with built-in printer
  • Technical support contract and software license for the payment terminal
  • Subscription for processing debit card transactions (Bancontact, Maestro, VPay) and credit cards (MasterCard, Visa)

Unique packages, very useful functions


Standard rental

Rent Buy
KBC price 34.90 euros/month


44.90 euros/month


599 euros
How it works

With a normal charger

With a charging station

With a normal charger

Technical support Free basic service with on-site support within 3 working days

Free and full service with on-site support within 24 hours

Full service with on-site support within 24 hours for 14 euros/month. The first year is free

Need help with the installation? For an additional fee, KBC will send you an expert.

Reporting options

Thanks to KBC Yoximo you always have a clear overview of all your income. This means that you can use the payment solution to run reports. Useful for seamless bookkeeping.

Your quality guarantee

KBC Yoximo offers you an additional benefit. You enjoy a 3 month trial period. This means if you rent the terminal, you pay zero rent for the first 3 months. Did you buy the payment device? You can cancel the purchased terminal free of charge within the 3 month trial period.

Extra info

  • Product fact sheet
  • KBC-rates & charges for payments

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