KBC Payment Button

Paying online in just a few clicks or taps.

KBC Payment Button

Paying online in just a few clicks or taps.

Instant crediting to your account

Money transfers made by your customers are processed in real time. The products sold to your customers can then be delivered to them with ease of mind.

Fast and secure

Rest easy courtesy of state-of-the-art security technology that ensures the reliable exchange of data. Simply put, that is online banking at its most secure.

Extra flexibility for your customers

Maximise every sales opportunity. Your customers can make mobile payments really easily and also have the option of buying now and paying later. The amount concerned is always credited to your account straightaway.

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Strong customer authentication (SCA) is making paying in European online stores safer. Is yours SCA-ready? Learn more

What exactly is the KBC Payment Button?

The KBC Payment Button is a digital button that you can install on the payment page of your own web shop. Your customers can use it to pay for their purchases in real time using their familiar KBC online banking app. Real time means that the transfer instruction is processed instantly. Therefore, you don't have to wait on payment. Knowing that the money is credited to your account straightaway means that you can concentrate on quickly getting your customer's order out.

BeCommerce Award for innovation

Did you know that KBC picked up the BeCommerce Award for 'best innovation' in 2015? Thanks to the KBC Payment Button, your customers can buy now and pay later. And even then, the amount in question is still credited instantly to your account!

How does it work?

It’s easy to add a KBC Payment Button as a way to pay in your online store.

Once you’ve done so, all your customers have to do is:
  1. Press our payment button to get automatically taken to our KBC Touch or KBC Mobile app to pay by online banking
  2. Complete a transfer already showing the amount they’re spending and your account number (details they can’t change)
  3. Confirm the transfer in their online banking application and wait for confirmation that they've paid (the money appears on your account instantly if you have a business account with us)

Let customers buy now and pay later

Our payment button also gives your customers more flexibility, as it lets them decide when their spend comes off their account. That can be at the time of purchase or up to two months afterwards for amounts between 50 and 1 250 euros – all fully automatic and free of charge to the customer.

Meanwhile, you still get paid right away as we advance the amount to your customer. A win-win for everyone.

Quick, secure and at low cost

State-of-the-art security technology ensures that the exchange of data takes place over a highly secure and reliable connection. That's something your customers value, too. Payment is made using online banking facilities, a familiar channel used by many online shoppers.

Each month, you will be billed just 1% of the transaction amount for payments made using the KBC Payment Button. The minimum charge is 0.20 euros per transaction and the maximum 5 euros.

Interested in a KBC Payment Button for your online store?

What you need

  1. A business account with us
  2. A website
  3. KBC Paypage or a payment page from another provider like Worldline, Ingenico, Mollie or Multisafepay

Like to offer several payment capabilities?

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