Onkosten versturen
Onkosten versturen

Submit expenses

  • Get a summary of your expenses
  • Easily submit your expenses to your accountant
  • Free of charge with a business account

Manage your expenses

'Submitting expenses' can be used with a business account.

Expense receipts such as parking tickets or restaurant expenses can easily go missing, and looking for those receipts will cost you a lot of time and energy. The solution? Be smart about managing your expenses with our extra 'Submitting expenses' service in KBC Mobile. Never lose track of expenses again.

Why use the extra 'Submitting expenses' service?

The extra 'Submitting expenses' service in KBC Mobile helps you to easily send your expenses to your accountant. Stop losing track of your expense receipts and save everything easily in the overview in our app.

How does the extra 'Submitting expenses' service work?

Did you pay using a KBC Business Account? You automatically get an overview of your debit and credit card transactions in KBC Mobile. You can enter and add expenses from up to 13 months earlier, so you can efficiently pass on all the information your accountant needs.

Add any expenses paid in cash to your overview and link your expense receipts to the relevant transactions. Immediately add extra info such as the reason for a restaurant visit.

You can easily submit your expenses summary by e-mail using a handy download link. Be sure to keep your receipts safe. You will need them as evidence in the event of a tax inspection. You should still always send invoices to your accountant separately.


How do you start managing your expenses in KBC Mobile?

1. Open KBC Mobile
2. Go to 'Offer' on the home screen
3. Under 'For your business’, tap 'Submit expenses'
That's it, you're all set to submit your expenses!