KBC Reach

For your domestic and cross-border payments

KBC Reach

For your domestic and cross-border payments

Cross-border payments at a glance

Manage all your domestic and foreign accounts and payments.

Flexible in use

KBC Reach processes payments and collections seamlessly in local and international payment formats.

Easy-to-read reports

Export them in all the usual formats (CSV, CODA, XML, etc.).

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What is KBC Reach?

KBC Reach is a web application that allows you to keep a close eye on all your business accounts, to carry out transactions and to display clear reports and overviews. And you can access it using any of the major web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). To make life even easier, you can log in, view accounts and approve payments on your smartphone. So no matter where you are, you can keep your cash flows under control.


  • You see your international payments at a glance

  • You can quickly initiate payments using the latest formats

  • You can manage your Belgian and foreign accounts and payments where and when you want

  • CFOs and CEOs have 24/7 control over their accounts

Overview and control

When you open KBC Reach, you get an instant view of payments to be approved, account balances and important messages in your company. You can always customise the app's home page to suit your requirements. With your very own personalised dashboard, you know where to find everything straightaway.

With KBC Reach, you decide who is authorised to view specific information in your company. You can then match the authorisation for every user perfectly to their position.

The handy search feature makes it easy to find account information going back up to a year. Not only can you create reports in a flash, you can also easily make changes to them, if necessary.

And if you urgently need assistance, our Helpdesk's there to give you a helping hand.

Efficient handling of domestic and international payment formats

KBC Reach processes payments and collections seamlessly for your accounting software, regardless of whether they are in international formats or certain domestic ones. Another KBC Reach strength is that it is available in Dutch, French, English and German.

Customised reports

KBC Reach lets you generate customised reports of all your payments and account information and to export them in all the usual formats (CSV, CODA, XML, etc.).

Security comes first for KBC apps

If you've installed the KBC Sign and KBC Reach apps on your smartphone, you no longer need a card reader and you can log in wherever you like. When you do, KBC Reach immediately verifies your electronic signature. This means you won't have to install another program on your PC. The KBC Reach app gives you the freedom to check your accounts and approve outstanding payments anytime, anywhere, in just a few taps. It's quick and secure!

Learn more

If you're interested in KBC Reachh, get in touch with your relationship manager or the KBC Helpdesk. 


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