3 ways to invest as an entrepreneur

3 ways to invest as an entrepreneur

Find out which investment approach best suits your business

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It takes a lot of time and expertise to invest successfully like an entrepreneur. That’s why with KBC you get to decide who does the work. Do you have the necessary time and knowledge yourself? If so, we ensure that you yourself can invest to optimum effect. Or would you rather have the support of our experts? They know all about investing as an entrepreneur and the tax and legal nuances that go with it. Based on that knowledge, they will give you personalised advice or monitor your company’s investments.

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Your solution: Bolero

You decide on your business’s investments and perform all the transactions yourself using the Bolero online platform. You will also find a treasure trove of information there from our analysts.

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You decide your business’s investments yourself, but you can rely on personalised investment advice tailored to the entrepreneur.

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Your solution: KBC Wealth Management Service for Business

With the KBC Wealth Management Service for Business, a team of experts works with you to manage and develop your company’s investable assets. What kind of things can you expect?

  • Personalised investment advice
  • Day-to-day tracking of your investments all year round
  • Notification of risks or interesting opportunities
  • Regular, in-depth analysis of your investments

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Your solution: product advice

You can always turn to our KBC experts for free product advice. Simply make an appointment. What kind of things can you expect?

  • An explanation of our various investment products
  • Personalised advice if you want to buy or sell one particular investment
  • Notification that an existing investment is close to maturing or if you have more scope to invest.

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Your solution: KBC Easy Invest Service for Business

You’d prefer not to have to take all your business’s investment decisions yourself. With the KBC Easy Invest Service for Business, all you have to do is choose a fund, with the help of our experts. The fund managers then take full care of its management and keep you regularly informed.

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