Coronavirus: frequently asked questions

Coronavirus: frequently asked questions

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Need to make an appointment?

Due to coronavirus (Covid-19), you can currently only make appointments by phone. Feel free to contact one of our experts at KBC Live or a branch in your area.

We're planning phone and video chat appointments as much as possible. However, should you exceptionally need to come to your branch or agency in person, we’ll make sure that your visit takes place under the safest possible conditions.

Have questions or concerns about the coronavirus outbreak affecting your financial situation? E-mail us at or call us on 02 448 02 44 for more help.

See the Belgian federal public health authorities website for more general information on the coronavirus.


Will my branch remain open and will I still be able to contact my insurance agent? And when are they be open for business?

Our branches and agencies have been open to customers by appointment only since Wednesday 18 March 2020. Feel free to call your KBC branch on their general number.

You insurance agent can also be contacted by phone. Their number can be found on the website (under 'Find us near you'), in KBC Mobile under 'Your contacts' and in KBC Touch under 'Contact'.

Can I contact KBC Live and, if so, when?

Contact our KBC Live experts using our KBC Mobile app or call them on 078 353 137 (weekdays 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. – Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).


How can I safely receive payments to my business during the coronavirus crisis?

According to the federal health authorities (FPS Public Health), paying by cash does not transmit the virus. However, paying by electronic means is encouraged as it allows you to respect social distancing rules.


What type of financial aid can I get for my business?

You can find an up-to-date overview of measures to support your business on the website of Flanders Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO):

> See more

Can I get a repayment holiday under the Second Charter for business loans?

You can request one if you meet a number of criteria. For instance, the repayment holiday granted under the First and Second Charters combined may not exceed nine months.

> Check out the criteria

How can I apply for additional funding with a government guarantee as a result of the coronavirus crisis?

Can I postpone paying my taxes in advance?

Yes, we can work together to find a way to postpone your tax prepayments.

Feel free to get in touch with your contact, your KBC branch or KBC Live on 078 353 137 (weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. – Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).


General Information

What support measures does my insurance provide?

Together with the sector, KBC Banking & Insurance have agreed on a number of support measures (press release 17 December) provide assistance in these challenging times. One of these measures is to ensure protection for your employees if they are temporarily unemployed. We also try to offer some financial breathing space by deferring payments so that business owners’ economic activities remain covered. The questions and answers below contain a great deal of useful information.

If you have any further questions, please contact your insurance agent or intermediary. They’ll be happy to help you.

I am a business owner and have insufficient funds to pay for my insurance policies. Is it possible to receive a deferment of payment?

We understand that, as a business owner, you may be facing difficulties when it comes to paying for your premiums. If you contact your insurance agent or intermediary, they will gladly discuss your options with you and help you find a suitable solution.


Are healthcare providers insured when they have to work outside their normal discipline?

Do you have KBC Medical and Paramedical Professions Insurance?

The exceptional circumstances mean that, in such cases, healthcare providers* are insured when working outside their discipline to treat patients with COVID-19. That includes remote consultations by Skype, phone or similar.

If you have insurance in your own name, you have to claim under that. If you don’t have your own insurance and work for a medical institution, you can claim under their insurance.

* By ‘healthcare provider’ we mean doctors, medical students and (student) nurses.

I’m delivering takeaway meals during the coronavirus crisis. Am I covered by my commercial third-party liability insurance and industrial accident insurance?

Yes, in order to support hospitality businesses at this time, home deliveries of meals are covered by these policies without any additional premium having to be paid.

I’m doing home deliveries during the coronavirus crisis. Am I covered by my commercial third-party liability insurance and industrial accident insurance?

Yes, in order to support businesses at this time, home deliveries are covered by these policies without any additional premium having to be paid.


Some of my employees are temporarily unemployed. Do I still have to pay the premiums for the group insurance policy?

In principle, you no longer have to pay contributions to this scheme. If you don't, however, the supplementary forms of cover – such as for work disability – will end, even though now is the time they might be required most.
With this in mind, you may consider it prudent to continue paying the contributions, either with or without deferral of payment.

If you had previously used this support measure, we will extend your choice automatically until 30 June 2021, unless you advise otherwise.

If you need any advice, contact your insurance agent or intermediary.

Some of my employees are temporarily unemployed. Can they still claim on their group hospitalisation insurance?

Yes, they can. If you currently have insufficient funds to cover the premiums for this insurance, please contact your insurance agent or intermediary. They will gladly discuss your options with you. 

My employees are working from home during the coronavirus crisis. Are they covered by their industrial accident insurance policy?

Yes, under the current exceptional circumstances, your employees are covered temporarily by the industrial accident insurance of their employer, when teleworking. Everything in this regard has been arranged for you.

Important: this is a temporary extension of your policy and applies only during the period in which government measures are in place to address the coronavirus crisis. If you want to take out insurance to cover your employees working from home after the crisis has passed, you will need to extend your policy to include teleworking.



Are my hospitalisation expenses covered if I’m admitted to a hospital abroad?

Cover for hospitalisation abroad depends on the general conditions of your policy. Under the current conditions, (a limited part of) the cost is covered. Even if you have travelled to a high-risk area against Foreign Office advice, we’ll still help pay for hospitalisation due to a coronavirus infection as specified in the general conditions.

My scheduled hospitalisation has been postponed due to coronavirus measures. What does that mean for pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses covered by my hospitalisation insurance?

Hospitalisation insurance covers, as standard, your hospital stay and any related expenses in the period before getting admitted to and after being discharged from hospital. How long that period is depends on the conditions set out in your hospitalisation contract.

At present, non-urgent admissions to hospital are often being postponed due to Covid-19. Due to this situation, KBC Insurance is temporarily broadening the conditions for the length of time it would normally cover prior to and following hospital admission.

For instance, if your admission date has been postponed due to Covid-19, we will extend the period of cover when advised of your new date for being admitted to hospital.

Good to know:
the pre- and post-hospitalisation period applies to the date you were originally scheduled to go into hospital and to the new date of admission. You pay the deductible just once for the postponed admission to hospital and the new admission.

Important: be sure to let us know the date you were admitted to hospital using our KBC Mobile or KBC Touch app or by calling 0800 900 68 (option 1).

I'm in quarantine because of the coronavirus crisis. Am I covered by my guaranteed income insurance?

You will only receive a benefit if you've been infected with coronavirus and can provide the necessary certificates that prove it. You won't get any benefits in the event of economic loss or preventive quarantine.

Does my guaranteed income insurance provide cover for coronavirus infection?

Yes, you receive a benefit if you become infected with the virus and the deferment period has ended.

Important: be sure to provide us with the necessary certificates attesting to your illness. You won't receive a benefit, therefore, if you go into preventive quarantine.

Does my hospitalisation insurance cover infection by coronavirus?

Yes, you are always covered if admitted to a hospital in Belgium. If you're hospitalised abroad, you are also have (limited) cover. In such cases, be sure to check the general conditions of your insurance policy.

Does my hospitalisation insurance cover admittance to hospital in a foreign country after becoming infected with coronavirus?

Yes, it provides you with (limited) cover. Be sure to check the general conditions of your insurance policy.

I travel against the advice of the Foreign Office to a high-risk area and become infected with coronavirus there. Does my hospitalisation insurance cover hospital admittance in a foreign country?

Yes, it provides you with (limited) cover. Be sure to check the general conditions of your insurance policy.

Motor vehicles

How is my car insurance affected if I’m involved in an accident during the coronavirus crisis and am unable to get to the vehicle inspection centre in time due to the coronavirus measures?

Vehicle inspection centres have remained open during the second lockdown. If you have an accident in a vehicle that does not have a technical inspection certificate, the vehicle may not be insured. To be properly insured, have your vehicle inspected in good time.


My flight has been cancelled by the airline. What am I entitled to?

These costs are not covered by our cancellation insurance policies. You should contact the travel agency, tour operator or airline to request a refund or change or postpone your trip.

The European regulations impose specific obligations on airlines based in the European Union. You will find more information about your rights when an airline cancels your flight on the website of the Federal Public Service (‘FOD’ – available in Dutch and French).

Can I still travel abroad?

We advise you to follow the government's guidelines in this regard.

I have to cancel a trip. Can I claim for compensation under my cancellation insurance policy?

We have provided extensive information on travel insurance on a frequently asked questions page:

> See more

I have to cancel my trip due to the coronavirus. Does my travel cancellation insurance cover this?

Travel cancellation insurance covers you in some cases if you have to cancel your trip. We recommend contacting your travel agency, tour operator or transport operator to discuss your options.

Covered reasons for trip cancellation do not include:

  • Coronavirus outbreak in another country that you’re planning to travel to from Belgium
  • Travel warning like a general travel ban issued by the Belgian authorities
  • Ban on entering the country you’re going to due to the coronavirus

What if I organised the trip myself?

Contact the various service providers (like the airline and hotel involved) to check the options open to you.

Your accommodation costs will be subject to the hotel’s general conditions. Some hotels have very lenient cancellation policies, allowing you to cancel your reservation free of charge up to the last minute, while others will charge you for the first night if you don’t show up.

If you got an early booking discount, you’ll generally not be able to cancel.

Like to know more about our travel cancellation insurance?

> Learn more

Other questions

I am having trouble covering my pension contributions. Am I required to pay them?

If you are having trouble covering these payments, please contact your insurance agent. They will gladly help you find a suitable solution. There may be consequences to skipping a contribution payment. Your insurance agent can advise you on this matter.

I'm self-employed. How does deferring payment of social security contributions or being exempted from paying them affect tax relief on the premiums I pay for my supplementary pension plan (VSPSS)?

Deferred payment of social security contributions
If you’ve been granted a break from paying your social security contributions for one or more quarters (i.e. your usual quarterly contributions and regularised amounts) and don’t pay them until 2021, your VSPSS premiums stay tax-deductible this year. 

VSPSS premiums you pay this year continue to doubly benefit you, as you pay less tax and less social security contributions. Remember that every year in which you don’t pay into your supplementary pension plan is a year lost that can’t be made up for later.

So, it’s advisable to pay into your plan this year to keep building up additional pension benefits for retirement.

Exempted from paying social security contributions
If you’re exempted from paying your social security contributions for one or more quarters in 2020, your VSPSS premiums won't be tax deductible this year. 

The coronavirus crisis forced my business to pay me less or nothing for several months in 2020 and I was eligible for Covid-19 replacement income ( crisisoverbruggingsrecht/droit passerelle de crise) for the self-employed, are the contributions that my business paid into my supplementary pension plan still tax-deductible as a business expense?

If the regular monthly salary you take from your business falls or ceases, the contributions your business pays into your supplementary pension plan aren’t normally tax deductible. Some businesses found themselves in this situation in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis measures. Fortunately, the tax authorities took account of the exceptional circumstances and a solution was worked out in the form of circular 2020/C/153.

Who is the circular for?
The circular is for business owners who were eligible for replacement income ( crisisoverbruggingsrecht/droit passerelle de crise) for the self-employed in 2020 and whose usual monthly salary decreased or ceased when they were eligible.

What solution does the circular offer?
The requirement that you should pay yourself regularly and at least monthly is treated less strictly than usual for the period when you were eligible for this replacement income ( crisisoverbruggingsrecht/droit passerelle de crise).

The portion of the individual pension scheme or group insurance contributions that exceeds the 80% threshold due to an unexpected drop in your gross annual salary can also be carried forward to the following financial year (2021). That means the tax authorities won’t reject it for 2020 and we’ll include it when calculating the 80% threshold for the following financial year.

Think you qualify?
If so, just contact your KBC Insurance agent for more details.


General questions

How do I avoid the spread of Covid-19 at work?

Belgium’s federal employment authorities, employers’ organisations and trade unions have assembled a useful guide to preventing the spread of Covid-19 at work (available in Dutch or French).

It contains tips for reopening your business safely, including general guidelines for avoiding the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

> Learn more (in Dutch)

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