KBC Business Credit via Straight Loans

Short term advances are paid into your current account

KBC Business Credit via Straight Loans

Short term advances are paid into your current account

Fast reaction to your business finance needs

Once a fixed advance is paid into your business account, the amount can be used flexibly to fund your business's operations.

Certainty about interest payable on the amount drawn down

Because the interest rate is fixed from the outset when the funds are drawn down, you know exactly how much you have to pay back.

Make drawdowns and sign digitally online

You can record straight loans and drawdowns (minimum 25.000 euros) using KBC-Online for Business or KBC Touch.

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What is a straight loan?

straight loan KBC

To fund your business operations where you can readily project the amount and the duration of your credit requirement, you supplement a KBC Advance in Current Account by drawing down ‘straight loans’. You use straight loans to fund your larger operational requirements in the short term.

You draw down  this business credit by making payments via your account with the straight loans KBC deposits on your current account whenever you need them. You can draw down one or more straight loans any time you like, up to the credit limit. At the end of the drawdown period of the straight loan, KBC debits the amount of your loan plus the interest due from your current account.


  • You can deal simply and flexibly with your changing capital requirements.
  • The credit line offers you lots of flexibility, in terms of both the amount and the duration of the drawdowns. You pay a margin on the Euro Interbank Offered Rate (EURIBOR).
  • Both interest and charges are tax-deductible.
  • You can vary the limit of the credit line seasonally.

New:  draw down your straight loan online and manage it wherever and whenever you want.

  • Straight loans can be drawn down online in KBC Touch by clicking or tapping ‘Drawings on straight loans’. This button can be found in the overview screen for your business credit facilities or in the details of the credit line. Just enter the desired amount and the drawdown period and sign digitally to complete drawing down the straight loan. Learn more about KBC Touch.
  • Straight loans can be drawn down in KBC-Online for Business by following the relevant step-by-step instructions in the KBC Business Dashboard.

The amount

You decide the limit for the business credit together with your KBC relationship manager based on your financial plans and operational needs.

As soon as we allocate the credit line to your KBC business account, you can draw down the business credit in the form of short-term straight loans. You can do this online (fast and easy using KBC Touch or the KBC Business Dashboard) or at your local branch of KBC Bank.

The minimum amount and minimum term depend on how you want to manage your straight loans.

  • If you opt to draw your straight loans down yourself in KBC Touch or the KBC Business Dashboard, The drawdown has to be in a minimum amount of 25 000 euros and the minimum term is seven days.
  • If you draw your straight loans down at your branch, the minimum business credit amount is 50 000 euros. Within this limit, you can take up one or more short-term straight loans (for a term of at least 14 days and at most one year). The minimum drawdown is also 50,000 euros.

Interest rate

When we register your line of business credit, we set the interest rate. The interest rate when drawing down a straight loan is based on the EURIBOR plus a margin that is guaranteed at the time of each drawdown.

You are certain of the interest rate you will pay when the straight loan falls due. You only pay interest on the amount you draw down.

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