Van Insurance

KBC Vehicle Insurance - for Light Goods Vehicles

Van Insurance

KBC Vehicle Insurance - for Light Goods Vehicles

Compile your own policy

Extend your policy to include more than just compulsory third-party insurance. Add cover you need like Legal Assistance or our Goods in Transit Insurance.

Get rewarded for being a good driver

Drive without causing any at-fault accidents for a full year and get a discount on your compulsory third-party liability insurance premium.

Pay less for Goods in Transit Insurance

Combine fully comprehensive cover with insurance covering the contents of your van and pay less.

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Accidents can happen fast. Hit the road worry free with our insurance for light goods vehicles. Put together your own package: from compulsory third-party liability insurance to assistance insurance and road traffic accident insurance for drivers.

What insurance can you take out for your van?

Vehicle Insurance for vans

Belgian law requires van drivers to have third-party liability insurance.

We let you extend your policy to include more than just the compulsory third-party insurance. Add cover you need like:

Cover your van with compulsory third-party insurance

If you want to drive your van on public roads, you’re required to take out third-party liability insurance as a bare minimum.

It covers any loss, damage or injury you cause to others if you are at fault. In such cases, any damage to your van isn’t insured. Drive without causing any at-fault accidents for a year or more to get a discounted premium.

What is insured?

  • Material loss or damage and bodily injury you cause to others with your van
  • Injuries sustained by pedestrians, cyclists or passengers following an accident involving your vehicle (even if you’re not at fault)

Most important exclusions

  • Damage to your own vehicle
  • Bodily injury you sustain as driver
  • Damage to property you transport professionally for payment (except passengers’ personal clothing or luggage)

Add cover for even more worry-free driving

1. Legal Assistance Insurance

Accidents can lead to disagreements, including disputes with auto repair services. That’s when it’s worth having Legal Assistance Insurance covering legal expenses of up to 100 000 euros.

What’s insured?

  • Help claiming compensation
  • Legal assistance in contractual disputes about buying or repairing your vehicle
  • Legal help in disputes with government agencies in matters relating to public and administrative law (like registering your vehicle)

What’s excluded?

Disputes about:

  • Commercial transport of passengers and goods by you
  • Deliberate offences
  • Leasing or renting out your vehicle
  • Buying on finance, hire purchase and other similar financing

2. Fully Comprehensive Insurance

Get fuller protection for your vehicle with our Fully Comprehensive Insurance, including cover for vandalism, break-ins and damage to your own car when you’re at fault.

If your vehicle is declared a total loss or stolen, we’ll pay you the full purchase price up to twelve months after buying it. You can also opt for accelerated depreciation at a reduced premium.

What’s insured?

  • Claims arising from accidents, vandalism or natural disasters (like storms, hail or floods)
  • Damage caused by martens gnawing pipes, cables or insulation in the engine bay 
  • Break-ins, theft and attempted theft 
  • Broken or cracked car windows including sunroofs or panoramic sunroofs 
  • Medical expenses if you’re injured in a car-jacking or home-jacking

What’s excluded?

  • Damage caused intentionally
  • Damage to worn or poorly maintained parts
  • Theft of your vehicle after you left it unlocked on a public road or in another public place

3. Semi-comprehensive Insurance

If you’re after ample cover for an older vehicle, our Semi-comprehensive Insurance is ideal. It covers theft and damage to your vehicle by fire, storm, animal collision or glass breakage.

The difference with fully comprehensive insurance is that damage to your vehicle due to a collision or traffic accident is not compensated.

What’s insured?

  • Damage caused by theft, fire, explosion or fire-extinguishing activities
  • Damage caused by natural disasters (like storms, hail or floods)
  • Damage caused by collision with wild or stray animals
  • Broken or cracked car windows including sunroofs or panoramic sunroofs 
  • Medical expenses if you’re injured in a car-jacking or home-jacking

What’s excluded?

  • Damage to your vehicle caused by a traffic accident
  • Damage to worn or poorly maintained parts
  • Theft of your vehicle after you left it unlocked on a public road or in another public place
  • Damage you cause intentionally

4. KBC-VAB Assistance

Cover yourself for accidents and car trouble with our optional KBC-VAB Assistance insurance. It gives you 24/7 breakdown cover plus assistance if your vehicle is stolen, in an accident or breaks down in Belgium or abroad.

Add replacement vehicle cover for extra peace of mind. You can choose between a passenger car, a standard van or one with additional features. Taking out this insurance automatically makes you a member of VAB.

What’s insured?

  • Vehicle assistance in the event of theft, accidents or defects
  • Breakdown assistance at your home or while travelling in Belgium or Luxembourg

What’s excluded?

  • Damage you cause intentionally
  • Repairs (except towing costs and the cost of shipping replacement parts)

5. Driver Accident Insurance

This insurance compensates you if you suffer personal injury due to a road traffic accident, even if you’re at fault. People you authorise to drive your vehicle are also covered free of charge.

What’s insured?

  • Reimbursement of the cost of medical treatment of injuries
  • Substantial cover for permanent injuries
  • Funeral costs and financial support for your loved ones in the event of your death

What’s excluded?

  • Accidents you cause intentionally
  • Accidents you cause while drunk

6. Goods in Transit Insurance

Cover your equipment, orders and raw materials for customers against theft or damage with our Goods in Transit Insurance. Combine it with fully comprehensive insurance and pay less.

What’s insured?

  • Traffic accidents
  • Loading or unloading
  • Fires, fire-extinguishing and explosions
  • Vandalism and forces of nature
  • Theft (optional)

See the general conditions for full details of cover.

What’s excluded?

  • Your vehicle
  • Damage from badly maintaining or overloading your vehicle
  • Theft of items from the passenger compartment
  • Securities, jewels, animals, etc.

How do you insure your trailer?

Attached trailers of up to 3 500 kg maximum authorised mass (MAM) are covered by the policy free of charge.

If you have an unattached trailer with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 750 kg, you’re legally required to take out separate liability insurance.

You can also get even more fully covered by taking out our Legal Assistance Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance (if you’ve already done so for your van).

More things you need to know

KBC Vehicle Insurance for LGVs may include one or more of the following forms of cover:

  • Compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance
  • Legal Assistance Insurance
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance
  • Partial Comprehensive Insurance
  • KBC-VAB Assistance
  • Accident Insurance
  • Goods in Transit Insurance

This product is governed by the laws of Belgium.

The insurance in this policy applies for a term of one year, and will be tacitly renewed unless it is cancelled no later than three months before the principal renewal date.

Your intermediary is your first point of contact for any complaints you may have. If no agreement can be reached, you can contact KBC Complaints Management by post at Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven,, tel. 016 43 25 94 (freephone number) or 078 152045 (paid number), or by fax on 016 863038. If you cannot find a suitable solution, you can contact the Insurance Ombudsman – which serves the whole industry – by post de Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels,, However, you always retain the right to initiate legal proceedings.

Contact your KBC insurance intermediary to request a quotation for KBC Vehicle Insurance for LGVs.

For a concise description of the cover and the most important exclusions under the various forms of cover under this insurance, and also other information, please refer to the product fact sheet

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