Get more from your KBC-products

with Kate Coins!

Have you used your Kate Coins yet?

The Kate Coin lets you enjoy great cashbacks and other tidy benefits. After all, we like to reward our loyal customers!

Check out the Kate Coin in KBC Mobile

How do you earn Kate Coins?

You earn Kate Coins the first time you purchase or use certain products, or when you first try out a KBC Mobile feature.

  •  Making a transfer with Kate will earn you 2 Kate Coins
  • Start investing your spare change and get 5 Kate Coins
  • Want to start saving for your retirement? Great idea! Not only are you saving for later, you’ll also get 20 Kate Coins!



By opting for ‘personalised’ commercial offers in KBC Mobile, you can receive or earn Kate Coins. They are part of the ‘personalised’ service for indicating how you want to receive commercial offers.

Grab neat cashbacks and tidy benefits

Exchange your Kate Coins for cashbacks on our banking and insurance products as well as on webinars, events and much more besides. There are two types of Kate Coins:

  • Kate Coins for spending on a KBC product of your choice: you can choose which benefit you want to spend your Kate Coins on.

    For example, 20 Kate Coins will get you a 20 euro cashback when you start investing every month for your child, grandchild or godchild. 
  • Kate Coins for spending on a specific KBC product: you can exchange these Kate Coins for one specific benefit.

    For example, the Kate Coins you earn when you open a KBC Plus Account can only be used for KBC CyberSecure Insurance.

 Keep an eye on KBC Mobile to learn about the latest offers.

See what you stand to gain

How does cashback work with Kate Coins at KBC?

Suppose you buy a product for 100 euros and spend 10 Kate Coins on a cashback. You pay 100 euros, and we then refund 10 euros to your account, so you end up paying just 90 euros. It’s as simple as that!

Where can you find your Kate Coins?

  • Just ask Kate ‘Where are my Kate Coins?’ and she’ll be happy to help you out. You can find her at the top of your screen in KBC Mobile
  • When you’ve earned a Kate Coin, Kate will let you know personally!
  • You’ll find your Kate Coins in KBC Mobile by tapping ‘My KBC’ and then the ‘Kate Coins’ tile. The Kate Coins you can use at KBC are listed as ‘For use at KBC‘.
Check out the Kate Coin in KBC Mobile


It can take up to 24 hours before your Kate Coins appear in your wallet.

You will receive it the day after purchasing a product.

There are two types of Kate Coins:

  • General use: you can choose the benefit to redeem your coins for.
  • Specific use: you can only redeem these Kate Coins for a specific benefit.


Kate Coins are valid for one year.

Any Kate Coins would be divided between you evenly.