Setting up or expanding an online store?

Our e-commerce offering

Setting up or expanding an online store?

Our e-commerce offering

The world of business never stands still

Customers prefer convenience when buying your products and services. They like to order online or at your shop, have the goods delivered or collected, pay by card or smartphone and also get sound advice in your physical or virtual store. It's breathtaking when you think of the means that are now available to get your business growing in line with customers' needs. And KBC has its finger on the pulse. Together, we'll make sure the customer experience at your store is a great one – now and in the future.

KBC helps develop your online store



Our specialist team will answer all your questions when you decide to start doing business online. They're there to advise you!


It's not always easy to find a partner with the right experience to set up your online store and get it up and running. You'll be pleased to hear then that we're on your wavelength!

KBC Betaalknop

If you're looking for a smart method of getting paid in your online store, check out the KBC Paypage and KBC Payment Button. Keeping an eye on incoming payments couldn't be easier.


If you're not coming up in Google or other search engines, you'll never sell anything. KBC and Roularta work together to get your digital marketing moving. It couldn't be simpler.


 If standard terms and conditions, returns policies and privacy are like a closed book to you, KBC Touch and Safeshops will guide you through all the legal aspects of doing business online.


Customers want to shop any time, anywhere and be able to decide where their orders are delivered. Learn more about our logistics tips and tricks (in Dutch).


Our KBC-Online for Business and KBC Touch apps are exactly what you need to keep track on your PC or tablet of all incoming and outgoing transactions.

Run a bricks-and-mortar shop too?

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The quality label

Customers visiting your online store want to shop securely. They don't want any nasty surprises. The label tells them your online store is 100% trustworthy.

Compare KBC payment solutions

Getting paid fast and easy is what every business wants. We're well aware of this at KBC. We find solutions that meet your needs and keep customers happy with the payment methods available to them in your shop.

Increase your customer base and turnover with online marketing

What's your main preoccupation as a self-employed person or SME? Customers and turnover. Start to Market teaches you the ins and outs of online marketing. The secret? Personal training and efficient marketing techniques. Ask us to call you with more info – fast!