Mastercard Business Prepaid

euros per year
including a KBC Business Pro Account
  • Pay securely worldwide and online
  • Keep your spending under control at all times
  • Manage your card entirely digitally
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Why this particular prepaid card?

The KBC Business Prepaid Card is the ideal card for keeping control of your business payments. Put a certain amount of money on your card in advance and then use it worldwide and online in exactly the same way as a credit card. You can apply for this card for all your employees, even if they don't bank at KBC.

Everything you need to know about this card

The KBC Business Prepaid Card is a card you load in advance. You can only use the amount loaded onto the card, the amount used is debited instantly from your KBC Business Prepaid Card, and your balance cannot go below zero. In other words, you are not paying 'on credit'. Apart from that, you use the card in exactly the same way as you would a credit card.

You can manage your KBC Business Prepaid Card easily online via the KBC Business Dashboard. It has a convenient quick load button for putting money on the card, but you can also top up by credit transfer. You can load a maximum of 1,250 euros per top-up and a maximum of 5,000 euros can be loaded per card. Tip: instructions on loading your card appear at the bottom or on the back of your KBC Business Prepaid Card.

Once the card is loaded

You will be able to access the money within an hour.

The balance on your KBC Business Prepaid Card cannot go below zero i.e. you can't go into the red which means you can't run up any credit.

You cannot use the KBC Business Prepaid Card to pay in places where the balance is not checked in real time. Examples include tollbooths, filling stations*, vending machines, underground car parks, when on board aeroplanes and when hiring a car.

* Additional information for paying at filling stations: if there is a point-of-sale terminal outside, you can refuel, though it is best to make sure that the available balance on your card is at least 125 euros. Because the exact amount of the payment is not known in advance, a set amount from your available balance is reserved each time you refuel to ensure that you can make the payment. That amount is usually 125 euros. Settlement takes place two days after you have refuelled, and you will be paid back the difference.

  • Cash withdrawals: as standard, the maximum amount you can withdraw using your KBC Business Prepaid Card is set at 620 euros every four days. There is no monthly maximum.
  • Card payments: there are no spending limits when you pay with your KBC Business Prepaid Card. However, the maximum amount you can have on your card is limited to 5,000 euros. You can top up your card as often as you like via the KBC Business Dashboard.


Contactless makes paying effortless. Just hold your card close to the payment terminal reader, wait for confirmation and you’re done. Sometimes you’ll be asked to enter your PIN first

Contactless payments are processed in the same way as when you insert your card into the terminal and enter your PIN. If you prefer not to use your card’s contactless feature, it’s easy to disable in KBC Touch, KBC Mobile or the KBC Business Dashboard.

You can use KBC Touch, KBC Mobile and KBC Business Dashboard to manage your card. You can:

  • Specify where and when your card can be used (like at home and/or abroad)
  • Enable or disable your credit card for online purchases

Use the KBC Business Dashboard to specify which staff get billing statements as PDF or CSV files – or both.

Yes, you do. Every credit card is linked to a specific account. In the case of the KBC Business Prepaid Card, you can combine it with:

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  KBC Business Prepaid Card including KBC Business Pro Account
Annual fee  63,12 euros
Paying retailers


  • In euros: free of charge
  • In foreign currency: 1.6% exchange commission
Online transactions  
Withdrawing cash at ATMs 1.21% of the amount withdrawn (with a minimum charge of 6.05 euros)
Withdrawing cash in a financial institution or bureau de change 2.42% of the amount withdrawn (with a minimum charge of 6.05 euros)

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