Business loans and credit by app

Access your business credit anytime, anywhere

Business loans and credit by app

Access your business credit anytime, anywhere

View your business credit at a glance

Our apps show you details and the status of your loans and credit facilities with us at a glance.

You can now take out credit digitally

Get new business loans and credit any time – right from your laptop, tablet or phone.

Draw down funds yourself

Access your business credit facilities in just a few steps and track it all with our apps.

Need a new loan or credit facility for your business? Want to check your current loans and credit with us?

With our apps, your business finances are always at your fingertips. Apply for new credit facilities, sign your contracts and track your loans online, winning you time and avoiding paperwork.

Apply for credit easily and securely in no time

Applying for business credit with us is now easier than ever. Do it all yourself using our apps: work out what it’ll cost you then draw down your loan or credit facility. You decide how much you want to borrow and the term you want to repay it over*.

The rate we offer you is based on your business’s relationship with us. If you’re already with us, you automatically get our best personal rate online using KBC Touch or KBC Mobile or at your branch.

Bye-bye paperwork: all you need is KBC Touch or KBC Mobile. Sign for business credit facilities with a card reader or KBC Sign for Business. Rather receive contracts by post? No problem!

Apply for these credit facilities online using KBC Touch and KBC Mobile:

KBC Investment Credit See the benefits
KBC Cash Budget Credit* See the benefits
KBC Leasing See the benefits
KBC Renting See the benefits
KBC Business Budget Facility See the benefits
KBC Tax Pre-Payment Plan See the benefits

*Only in KBC Touch

Sign new contracts online using your phone, tablet or computer

Applied for a business credit facility with us? We let you sign all your contracts online with our easy-to-use apps.

Already applied at your branch and your application has just been approved? You can even wrap things up and get your loan or credit online without having to go to your branch again.

Tracking your credit facilities online with KBC Touch & KBC Business Dashboard

Our apps save you valuable time and effort. You can easily check your current contracts in no time, so you always know exactly where you stand.

Using a PC or tablet? You can use KBC Touch and KBC Business Dashboard on both. Your choice.

See everything at a glance, including your investment credit facilities, tax pre-payment plans, leasing arrangements and credit lines with their available credit forms.

Like to be able to quickly see details of your loans and credit facilities? Our apps show you more information on each specific credit facility.

Want to know how your repayments are going? Use our apps to clearly see the status of your credit facilities and view details for each one. Check your future repayment plans, what you’ve already repaid, past and planned payments to the tax authorities, as well as your current and future straight loan and investment credit drawdowns.

Make online drawdowns with KBC Touch & KBC Business Dashboard

Need a new loan or credit facility? Upload your invoices for instant access. You can access funds transferred to your account right away to pay your suppliers without delay. Wherever and whenever it suits.

Want to choose when funds are put into your account? You can schedule to receive payments up to two months in the future.

Follow our guides to get started:

Drawing down straight loans with KBC Touch
Drawing down straight loans with KBC Business Dashboard

* There are a few legal constraints that apply to the term. These are automatically built into the car loan calculator.

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