Getting paid safely

All the options open to you

Getting paid safely

All the options open to you

1. How do you get paid by contactless debit card, credit card or prepaid card?

Hoe contactloos betalen met je debetkaart?

Ask your customers to hold their card close to the contactless payment symbol on your payment terminal for a few seconds (there’s no need to touch it). They don’t need to enter their PIN for payments of 50 euros or less, so they don’t have to touch any keys. However, they’ll need to enter it if what they’re buying costs over 50 euros.

Do customers ever have to enter their PIN for a payment of 50 euros or less?

If your customer has made a number of consecutive, PINless contactless payments of up to 150 euros (for instance, 45 euros + 45 euros + 45 euros + 25 euros), the terminal will ask the customer to enter their PIN. If it doesn’t, ask your customer to insert their payment card into the terminal and enter their PIN.

Can any customer pay by contactless?

Contactloos betalen met je betaalkaart

Your customers can pay without touching a payment terminal if they have a payment card with the contactless logo on it (four radio waves).

If it doesn’t work, they may need to activate their card’s contactless feature (they might have to contact their bank for this).

Don’t have a payment terminal?

Apply for one the easy way.

2. Other methods of contactless payment in your shop

Your customers can make contactless payments in a number of other ways, including:

a. By QR code using KBC Mobile or Payconiq by Bancontact

logo payconiq bancontact

Your customers can pay you on their phones by opening KBC Mobile or using the Payconiq by Bancontact app. Here’s how it works:

  • Display a QR code at your till where it can be easily seen
  • Ask your customers to scan the QR code with their phone
  • Get them to confirm payments by entering their PIN on their phone

That way, your customers only touch their phone, not the terminal.

Don’t have Payconiq?
Apply for Payconiq now and see for yourself just how easy it is.

b. At your payment terminal

i. With Google Pay or Apple Pay

betalen met Google Pay of Apple Pay

Your customers can pay using the Google Pay app on an Android phone or Apple Pay for iPhone.

All they have to do is hold their phone close to your payment terminal to pay. Their phone confirms when payment has been made, as does your payment terminal.

ii. By smartwatch

Hoe contactloos betalen met je sporthorloge of smartwatch?

Your customers can also use an Android smartwatch or a Garmin, Fitbit or Apple smartwatch to pay.

They simply hold it close to the contactless symbol on your terminal (there’s no need to touch it) and confirm the payment on their watch.

3. Getting paid online

If you're looking for a smart method of getting paid in your online shop, check out Payconiq, the KBC Payment Button and KBC Paypage. Keeping an eye on incoming payments couldn't be easier.