KBC Safe 26

A capitalisation contract for legal entities

KBC Safe 26

A capitalisation contract for legal entities

Why choose KBC Safe 26?

If you're looking for a safe, long-term investment for a legal entity such as a company or non-profit organisation, then KBC Safe 26 is an answer to your needs.It's an investment product giving you a guaranteed interest rate (currently 0.25%) on each deposit, right up to maturity (eight years). In addition, this return may be supplemented with an annual variable profit share.

Main features of KBC Safe 26

Guaranteed rate of interest

With KBC Safe 26, you benefit from a guaranteed return. Interest accrues on your deposit from day one, right up until the maturity date of your contract. At present, the interest rate is 0.25% for contracts with an eight-year term.

Fixed term

KBC Safe 26 is a long-term investment with a term of eight years, though this does not mean that your funds are tied up for that entire period. On the contrary, you can access your money at any time. However, you will have to pay an exit charge if you decide to withdraw your money early. If you let the investment run to maturity, you pay no exit charge at all.

Amount of your deposit

You can invest a minimum of 25.000 euros and a maximum of 1.000.000 euros (including charges) in KBC Safe 26.No further deposits can be made during the contract term, but you can of course take out a new contract if you want to invest further.

Variable profit share

If the economic situation and KBC Insurance’s earnings allow, this income can be supplemented annually with a variable, non-guaranteed profit share. 


Entry 2,5% on each deposit
Management Free of charge

Free of charge on the maturity date.

0.5% of the accrued reserve. A supplementary exit charge may be payable depending on the economic circumstances in the case of early surrender.

Tax treatment

Withholding tax Whether the contract is surrendered or reaches maturity, the total return (basic return + profit share) is subject to withholding tax. 
Insurance tax Not applicable.

Additional info

KBC Safe 26 is a guaranteed-interest (class 26) capitalisation contract issued by KBC Insurance NV and subject to Belgian law.

Further information on this product is given in the product fact sheet, which we recommend you read carefully before taking out this product.


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