Online for Business Quick


Online for Business Quick


Quick fixes

Problems with KBC-Online for Business? Discover our quick fixes.



1. Problem with the Card Reader for Windows 7 users

Windows has recently been updated. As a result, the KBC card reader does not work for some users of KBC-Online for Business. The same applies for other connected USB devices.

Use this procedure to resolve this problem. (Dutch)

2. Problem with KBC-Online for Business in Internet Explorer 10 or 11

Running Internet Explorer 10 or 11 on Windows? If so, you first need to update the registry. That's easy to do using this tool.

3. KBC security software

Download and install the KBC security software.

If the download fails, right-click the link and select 'Save as'. Save the file on your computer and then run it.

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A CODA (or COded DAily account statement) is an electronic file generated automatically by KBC and containing more details than an account statement.

Online banking tailored to the needs of your business

KBC-Online for Business allows you to manage your domestic payments quickly and easily from your PC or tablet.

If you want your clients to pay by direct debit, you can make it happen in KBC-Online for Business

  • Get paid automatically
  • Manage your mandates using Online for Business
  • Create files for your receivables with ease

KBC-Online for Business Security

Get the new Bank security software for KBC-Online for Business on Windows. This software is designed to better protect your electronic transactions from attempted fraud.
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