Making investments together

Give your wealth every chance with an expert's investment advice

Making investments together

Give your wealth every chance with an expert's investment advice

Investment advice tailored to your situation

Whether you're investing small or large sums, there's always someone ready to help you.

We advise, you decide

At all times, you can rely on expert advice from our specialists. But the ultimate decisions are taken by you.

Information in plain speak

Our experts keep pace with the financial news as it happens. They give you information that's relevant, in language you can understand.

Make an appointment

Investing with wealth management advice from KBC-experts

Monitoring larger asset amounts requires a more specific approach. If you're investing 25.000 euros or more, choose a KBC Wealth Management Service. Together, we take optimum care of your assets.

How does it work?
  • A team of specialists systematically monitor your wealth the year round.
  • We watch out for possible risks and contact you if certain opportunities arise.
  • When we give advice, we take account of your entire investments, making sure that your overall portfolio remains balanced.
  • We do regular thorough analyses of your investment portfolio, for which we ask you to come in for a personal discussion.

At the KBC Wealth Management Service, not only do you get extensive wealth management advice, but you also have a large range of extra services and benefits. What exactly these are depends on the plan you go for.

Below, we list the main services offered under each plan.

  KBC Wealth Management Service Smart KBC Wealth Management Service Plus KBC Wealth Management Service Select
For those who (also) invest in shares
Wide-ranging wealth management advice
A broad view of your wealth, with an eye on inheritance planning and preparing for your retirement  
Extensive share service    
  More info More info  More info 



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What kind of investor are you? Take the test!

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What kind of investor are you? Take the test!

Our investment strategy explained

The KBC investment strategy explained.
Our investment strategy explained

Socially responsible investments

  • Investing in a better society
  • A livable world for future generations
  • Return in line with the market
Socially responsible investments
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