Compare our KBC Mobile and K'Ching apps

Get the app that suits you best

Compare our KBC Mobile and K'Ching apps

Get the app that suits you best

Ready to bank with your phone? Great! Choose between our cool K'Ching and KBC Mobile apps.

Compare them to see the one for you. Stressed out choosing? Get them both ;)

K'Ching = KBC Mobile?

Both apps let you quickly

  • See whether your pocket money is on your account
  • Make cash withdrawals or payments without your debit card
  • Make transfers
  • Check how much is left on your account

What’s the difference?

Compare mobile banking apps
  • K'Ching is an interactive payment app you can customise.

    Choose skins to suit your mood, give contacts a photo or crazy nickname and ask a chatbot questions. Check out the timeline to win vouchers or set savings goals. 

  • KBC Mobile is our full-on banking app that lets you manage current and savings accounts, set up direct debits, invest and save for your pension.





KBC Mobile
Transfer money
Pay without your debit card

Withdraw cash with your phone

See your balance without logging in
Tag spending with hashtags
Make your app your own with skins and photos
View a timeline with tips and vouchers
Use a chatbot to make transfers and get answers to questions
Set up savings goals
Manage current and savings accounts 1 account Several accounts
Apply for and manage credit cards
Save for retirement
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