Class 23 life insurance

Class 23 life insurance

Wide range of class 23 insurance policies

At KBC, you can choose from a wide range of class 23 investment insurance policies. With or without capital protection.

Ideal for inheritance planning

You decide who will receive the capital upon your death.


A Class 23 policy is an investment insurance policy linked to one or several funds, which offers the potential for a higher return. Of course, this does involve a certain degree of risk.

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Why choose a Class 23 life insurance policy?

You are looking for a higher return

Class 23 investment insurance policies always entail a certain degree of risk, as the return is linked to investment funds. On the other hand, there is potential for a higher return.

You want to plan your inheritance as thoroughly as possible

The money you invest in a Class 23 life insurance policy is swiftly made available to the beneficiary upon your death.

In addition, you can also save on inheritance tax by using a class 23 life insurance policy to bequeath some of your assets to your grandchildren upon your death (or later). This is sometimes referred to as 'generation skipping'. 

What is the return on a Class 23 life insurance policy?

Class 23 investment insurance policies are life insurance policies whose return is linked to that of one or several investment funds. These funds invest primarily in shares, bonds, cash, real estate or a combination of these assets. Depending on the selected investment combination, the policy can entail a low to high degree of risk. Ultimately, the return is dependent on the performance and changes in value of the funds. The value of the fund may fluctuate over time. The associated financial risk is borne by the policyholder. On the other hand, there is potential for a higher return.

Do you prefer a little more security? Then opt for a Class 23 investment insurance policy with capital protection at maturity.  

How much money do you need to invest in it?

That depends on the type of insurance you choose. KBC offers packages with investment amounts starting at 25 euros a month, but we also have a wide range of investment insurance policies for larger assets.


With most investment insurance policies, you pay entry charges, an annual management fee and an insurance tax of 2%.

Unlike with many other investments, under the current tax regime you do not have to pay withholding tax on the returns on your Class 23 investment insurance policy with (partial) capital protection if you do not withdraw any money from the insurance contract for at least eight years.

Where can I view the range of KBC products and services?

  • You can discover the full range of products and services using KBC Asset Management's Fund Finder.
  • Of course, you can always speak to an employee in a KBC Bank branch, too.
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