Collect litter and earn rewards!

  • Help keep your neighbourhood clean
  • Scan litter and earn at least five Circular UCoins (CUC) per item
  • Exchange your CUC for benefits at local retailers (for as few as five CUC)
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Nobody in their right mind likes litter. Fortunately, we can pull together and do something about it, thanks to ‘the Click’ in KBC Mobile. So, why not roll up your sleeves to do your bit for a clean, liveable neighbourhood and pick up tidy rewards in the process?

A common goal

Together with Fost Plus, the driving force behind ‘the Click’, we want to help you feel a click with working towards a litter-free neighbourhood! If you come across discarded bottles, cans or other waste while you’re out and about, just pick them up, scan or photograph them and get Circular UCoins that you can exchange for rewards at local retailers. And of course, you can always scan your own waste when you’re out and about!

How do you earn Circular UCoins?

  1. Try and keep an eye out for litter when you’re out walking
  2. Open ‘the Click’ in KBC Mobile and scan or photograph the item
  3. Deposit it into a suitable waste container
  4. Give yourself a pat on the back and get your well-deserved Circular UCoins

One good turn deserves another

If you’ve collected Circular UCoins, well done! Quickly claim your voucher in ‘the Click’ online shop and use it at participating retailers. More and more towns, cities and municipalities are feeling ‘the Click’, so be sure to regularly check out where you can pick up new rewards.

Where can you find ‘the Click’?

1. Open KBC Mobile and select ‘Additional services
2. Scroll to ‘Payment services’ and tap ‘the Click

Got a question?

Check out the FAQs.

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