Questions on payments

in KBC Touch

Questions on payments

in KBC Touch


How do I enter an amount into the card reader?

When signing a transfer order, you have to enter the amount into the card reader and confirm it by pressing the 'OK' button. Enter all the digits, including the ones after the decimal sign (you DON'T need to enter the decimal sign).

How can I adjust the settings for my credit card or prepaid card?

Select 'Payments' in the left-side navigation bar and then tap the credit card or prepaid card for which something is to be changed. This opens the ‘Credit details’ tab where you can change various settings.

I can't see all my current accounts or savings accounts. Why's that?

The ‘Payments' overview contains the current and savings accounts in your name, or for which you hold a power of attorney or are the legal representative. It displays a certain number of accounts by default, depending on the size of your screen. If you have more accounts than this, you can see them all by tapping or clicking the 'All accounts' button.

If you also have access to business accounts, they are located by default at the top. Tap or click ‘Show personal accounts' to see the personal accounts, as well.

Credit cards

How far back can I check transactions on my credit card and prepaid card?

Under 'Transactions' for your credit card, you can get an overview of all your transactions since December 2013. Under 'Transactions' for your credit card with credit facility (i.e. Silver Flex, Gold Flex and Platinum Flex cards), you see an overview of all the transactions you've carried out since August 2010. You will soon have the capability to display transactions going back 10 years.

Account statements

How can I create and manage my account statements in KBC Touch?

You can find statements when they become available under 'Account statements' on the 'Account statements' tab. They remain there for three months during which time you can view, download, save and/or print them. Even if you've already read them, they still remain available there for three months. You don't receive notification when new statements become available.

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