Using your credit card

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All you need to know about using your credit card and its settings

What if your card is lost, stolen or retained by an ATM?

Block your card using KBC Mobile or call Card Stop

Defective or new payment card

Request a replacement card in KBC Mobile or KBC Touch

Making payments and withdrawing cash abroad

Find out how much it costs and how to activate your card for use abroad.

Need your card number?

Find out where to find these and other details on your card.

Changing a payment card’s settings

Easily customise your payment card to suit your needs

How do you request a PIN for your card?

Get your PIN by text message or using KBC Mobile

All you need to know about the package linked to your credit card

The free KBC Credit Card gives you the freedom and convenience to make payments and withdraw cash anywhere in the world. Not only that, you can also customise it to suit your needs.

Avid shopper? Love travelling? Or want a premium experience at all times, wherever you are? Whatever your passion, these optional, fee-based insurance packages and service packages might tick all the boxes. You don't even have to make a choice. If you want, you can combine them – it's entirely up to you.

Shopping package

  • Purchase protection
  • Extended warranty
  • Online shopping protection

Travel package

  • Travel cancellation
  • Hire car excess
  • Urgent purchases due to delayed luggage

Luxury package

  • A premium experience at all times, wherever you are
  • A Travel & Lifestyle Manager
  • Worldwide access to airport lounges

Reporting damage or filing a claim

With the shopping package and travel package linked to your KBC Credit Card, you can shop or travel with peace of mind at all times, no matter where you are. Even so, it’s always possible that something might not go as planned. If it ever happens, that’s when these optional, fee-based insurance packages come into their own, as you can report damage or file claims under them. How to go about that is explained below.

Something go wrong with your purchase?

How to report damage

Something go wrong during your holiday?

How to file a claim

Good to know

logo Mastercard

You can withdraw up to 620 euros every four days from any ATM in Belgium or abroad where you see the Mastercard logo.

You can find the balance on your credit card in KBC Touch or KBC Mobile.

You can check your transactions:

  • on your monthly billing statements
  • using KBC Touch or KBC Mobile when you tap or click the card number: you'll see the transaction amount, type, location, etc.

Ask Kate to help you with your card

If you need to see your credit card transactions or the settlement date, just ask Kate, your digital assistant in KBC Mobile.

Ask Kate

Some merchants reserve an amount on your credit card whenever you book, reserve or pay for something using your card. This may happen, for instance, when you book a room in a hotel or when you rent a car. The time the reserve is released varies depending on the merchant in question.

If you have a credit card with a KBC Flex Budget facility, you can use the facility for managing your credit card in KBC Mobile and KBC Touch to find out:

  • how much credit you've already used (orange)
  • how much is still available (green)
  • how much you've spent in the month in question and what will be deducted from your facility the following month (yellow)

You can also use it to:

  • transfer money to your KBC current account
  • transfer money to your KBC Flex Budget facility so that you can spend more on your credit card again
  • change the time you want to take to repay what you owe
tanken met kredietkaart

If you want to be able to use your card to pay for refuelling at a filling station, you’ll need to make sure that there's at least 125 euros on it. This is usually the amount filling stations hold as a reserve on your card (though it can be more than that). It all depends on the merchant in question. It comes off the available balance on your card even before you've finished filling up and the exact amount is known. The actual cost of your fill-up will be charged to your card a couple of days afterwards, when the reserve on your card is released.

Ask Kate to help you with your card

Have a problem with your debit or credit card, forgotten your PIN, lost a payment card or want to change the limit for your card? Whatever it is, just ask Kate, your digital assistant in KBC Mobile.

Ask Kate