Why use a credit card?

Why use a credit card?

What is a credit card or prepaid card?

Credit cards and prepaid cards are payment cards that can be used to buy things in places like shops, restaurants
and online stores. They can also be used to withdraw cash from an ATM.

How does it work?

The difference between a credit card and a regular debit card is that the money is not withdrawn from your current account immediately. Either you pay the full amount on a fixed day each month, or you pay off your spending in instalments. With a prepaid card, you only pay with the money on your card and there’s no link to your current account.

What are the benefits of a credit card for you?

1. Your card is essential when you travel

 If you enjoy travelling, a credit card or prepaid card can come in very handy.

Book trips

Pay for your stay, plane tickets or rental car simply and securely with your credit card or prepaid card.

Pay your way

With a credit card and prepaid card, you can pay and withdraw cash worldwide. Look for the logos on the machine to see the cards you can use.

  • Sail through tollbooths: If you drive on toll roads, be sure not to get caught out. In France you can’t always pay by Bancontact or Maestro. You can by credit card and it’s quicker than cash.
  • Fill up with fuel: Pay at the pumps using your credit card at virtually any filling station so you're back on the road again in no time.

Yippee, we arrived safely!

  • No need to pay the deposit in advance
    Did you book accommodation for which a deposit is required? Just use your credit card. The amount is blocked on the credit card and released again afterwards, so you don't need to advance the amount yourself.
  • Good food and drink
    Even the smallest restaurants will accept your credit card. It can come in handy and avoid embarrassment when you are handed the bill.

Going back home

Paying the road tolls, going to a restaurant, renting a car ... On holiday it is sometimes difficult to keep track of all your expenses. Every month you receive a billing statement of your spending, with a clear list of your transactions during the past month.

2. Pay more cheaply outside Europe

Do you travel regularly to non-European countries? Outside the euro area, paying and cashing larger amounts (120 euros or more) is cheaper with a credit card or prepaid card than using a debit card.

A tip if you are going to the United States

America United States US USA

If you are travelling to the United States, then you need to enable this option for your card.
You are certainly advised to do the same

  • when you go on a cruise, because most liners sail under the American flag
  • If you want to rent a car from an American company

Don't forget: car rental companies usually do not accept prepaid cards.

3. Spread your spending

Expecting an expensive month? A credit card allows you to spread your expenses. You pay your expenses for the previous month after you have received the next monthly statement. Do you want to repay your expenditure over a number of months? That’s possible too. In exchange for a certain amount of interest, you can choose how much you pay off each month. This option is always included for certain card types. Read more about repaying at your own speed

4. Extra protection when you travel

A credit card often also includes insurance policies that are useful if you travel regularly.

Cancellation insurance

  • Your child suddenly falls ill and can't go camping?
  • One of your grandparents needs to go into hospital which means you can't go away on holiday or you need to cut your holiday short?

Some credit cards also include a travel cancellation insurance policy. This cancellation insurance reimburses (part of) your costs if you have to cancel or cut short your trip.

Insurance for flight delays and missed connections

  • Was your flight delayed?
  • Or did you miss the plane because your train was late?

Then this insurance will cover the amount needed to get something to drink or eat while you are waiting, should the airline refuse to reimburse these costs.

Insurance for emergency purchases if your baggage is delayed

What if you have arrived at your destination, but your luggage hasn't and you need to buy new clothes? Then this insurance will reimburse you a sum to cover your urgent purchases.

Hire car insurance deductible in the event of damage

  • Did you rent a car while abroad?
  • And was the rental car damaged or stolen?

Then this insurance pays out the deductible from the car insurance for your rental vehicle.

5. Your purchases are better protected

Some credit cards also offer you extra financial protection for your purchases.

Extra protection for your purchase + extended warranty

  • If you buy an expensive pullover and catch the sleeve a week later on a door handle, then this insurance will cover you against these types of accidents or theft for up to a few days after your purchase.
  • What if your dishwasher, TV or power drill suddenly gives up the ghost after three years, and your guarantee has expired? Then this insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of your device during the extended warranty period.

Online purchase protection

  • Did you buy a fridge on the Internet, and it was damaged when it arrived?
  • Or was the wrong device delivered?

Then this insurance guarantees you get your money back if the supplier refuses to accept responsibility.

6. Shop safely on the web

Did you book your holiday, order tickets, buy shoes,.... on the internet? You can pay securely using a prepaid card without there being any link back to your bank account.

Did you pay with your credit card and it shows Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode? Then you also paid 100% securely. Confirming your payments using your card reader or mobile banking app offers another layer of security.

7. Protection against fraud

The law requires you to receive insurance against fraud with a credit card.

Was an amount taken out of your account that you did not spend yourself with your credit card? Then your credit card issuer refunds the money that was incorrectly taken from your account.

Online purchase protection insurance

Was your online purchase damaged on delivery? Your KBC credit card will cover the costs.
Online purchase protection insurance

Using your prepaid card

Looking to load your prepaid card, use it to withdraw cash or check your balance and transactions? Check out the FAQs on using a prepaid Mastercard.
Using your prepaid card

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