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  • Personalise your card by adding a photo
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Make contactless payments and cash withdrawals anywhere

You can use your debit card to pay quickly and safely throughout Europe, whenever you see the Bancontact or Maestro logo at retailers, online shops and ATMs.
You no longer need to insert your card into the payment terminal and enter your PIN. Simply hold your card close to it to pay securely in seconds.
You can personalise your card with a photo of your choice.

New design for the KBC Debit Card

Card details on the back

Your card will look even better now that all your details appear on the back of it. That means if you’ve personalised the card, the photo will now stand out better.
Apart from how it looks, nothing else has changed. You can continue using it in the same way as before, including for making contactless payments or adding it to a wallet.



front debit card


back debit card

Recycled PVC

When you get a new card, it will be made from fully recycled PVC. KBC is the first bank in Belgium to use this type of card. Even though the environmental impact might be limited, it still represents another step towards a better future for us all.

According to payment card manufacturer Idemia, the production process for a card made of recycled PVC (including personalisation and delivery of the card to the card holder) requires 7 grams¹ less CO2 than a card made of new PVC. That is a saving of 21 tonnes of CO2 for all our payment cards, or the equivalent of roughly 1.75 hectares² of forest.

Apply for a new debit card online
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More information about the KBC Debit Card

Want a new debit card for yourself, your partner or one of your children? Like to share an account with your partner and need an additional debit card to be able to do so? Or got a defective debit card and want to replace it?
Whatever the reason, check first that you meet these criteria:

  • You have a current account
  • You are at least 10 years old
  • You are domiciled in Belgium
Contactless payments by debit card or smartphone

If the back of your card has the contactless (radio wave) symbol on it, you can use it to make contactless payments. You don't even need to enter your PIN for payments of up to 50 euros. Simply hold your KBC Debit Card against the device and confirm by pressing ‘OK’. Look for the same symbol in shops and other outlets that accept this way to pay.

Contactless payments are possible not only by debit card, but also by smartphone. Life just got a whole lot easier, especially if you’re in a hurry or have forgotten your card.

If you’d rather not use your card’s contactless feature, just switch it off using our Touch or Mobile app. You can also ask Kate, your digital assistant in KBC Mobile, to deactivate the contactless payment function.

Find out more about contactless payments

Standard limits

  Adults Minors
Daily limit for cash withdrawals
650 euros 120 euros
Weekly limit for cash withdrawals 2,500 euros 900 euros
Weekly limit for payments 2,500 euros 900 euros

Want to raise your limits, change your PIN or block your card? Wondering what it costs to use your card abroad?  See all you can do with your KBC Debit Card.

Maximum limits

  Adults Minors
Daily limit for cash withdrawals 2,500 euros 500 euros
Weekly limit for cash withdrawals 10,000 euros 5,000 euros
Weekly limit for payments 10,000 euros 2,500 euros
PIN-less payments 50 euros per purchase 50 euros per purchase
  KBC Basic Account KBC Plus Account
Debit card
Second debit card 0.75 euros a month
Additional debit card 0.75 euros a month 0.75 euros a month
Replacement debit card 9 euros per replacement
Personalised debit card 10 euros Included (twice a year)

Your debit card gives you access to the ATM lobby of any KBC branch or  Bancontact CASH points.

Looking for an ATM? Ask Kate, your digital assistant in KBC Mobile, to help you find one or search for an ATM on our website.

As standard, the KBC Debit Card can be used only in Europe (including the European overseas territories, Turkey and six other countries). See the complete list of countries where the KBC Debit Card can be used.


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Apply for a new debit card online
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1 Figures calculated by Gingko 21, the environmental consultancy of payment card manufacturer, Idemia
2 Source: Encon: 1 hectare of forest = 12 tonnes of CO2