Personalised debit card

Personalised debit card

  • Free with a KBC Plus Account
  • Free preview
  • A new photo every year
Personalise your debit card

Who is it for?

A photo of you and your partner? Or one taken during your last holiday? With a personalised debit card, you’ll have your favourite photo close to hand at all times from now on.


If you want a debit card but are not yet with us, open a current account first. You’ll receive your debit card by post within five business days.

Personalise your debit card

More info on the personalised KBC Debit Card

  KBC Basic Account KBC Plus Account
Personalised debit card
10 euros included (twice/year)
Extra photo 10 euros 10 euros (from third year)

Want an extra card? Or want to replace your card? See how much this will cost you here.

  1. Apply for a replacement of your current debit card at KBC Touch or KBC Mobile
    • Free if you have a KBC Plus Account
    • 10 euros if you have a KBC Basic Account
  2. Choose a personalised debit card
    • Free twice a year if you have a KBC Plus Account
    • 10 euros if you have a KBC Basic Account
  3. Choose a photo from your phone or computer
  4. Get your new personalised debit card a few business days later by post

When you’ve chosen a photo and sent in your design, you’ll receive an e-mail telling you whether your image was approved or not.

In any case, the following images are not allowed

  • Images taken from the internet that are copyrighted
  • Logos
  • Offensive material
  • Photos that make your debit card difficult to read

Which images are or are not allowed on your debit card?

Change your PIN? Increase your limits? Or block your card?

See how

Personalise your debit card