Put your security deposit on a blocked account (Cat. A*)

  • Available to both customers and non-customers
  • Start using your security deposit account right away
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* The KBC Security Deposit Savings Account is a ‘category A’ savings account: a traditional savings account without any additional conditions.

What is a security deposit?

A security deposit is an amount that you, as the tenant, usually pay into a blocked account at the beginning of your lease. If you comply with all the obligations in your lease, you’ll get your security deposit back when the lease ends.* If the rented property has been damaged, the landlord may use some or all of the deposit to cover the repairs.

Why go for a security deposit account at KBC?

If you’re planning to rent a house or flat, the KBC Security Deposit Savings Account is a good idea. Why? Because landlords usually require a security deposit. By putting this on a blocked savings account, neither you nor the landlord can touch it for the duration of the lease.

You can also open aKBC Security Deposit Savings Account when renting student accommodation, a service flat, a room in a nursing home or a parking space. In other situations (e.g., commercial leases), you can't use a KBC Security Deposit Savings Account, but instead can open a standard savings account in your branch as third-party collateral.

The KBC Security Deposit Savings Account is a regulated savings account offered by KBC Bank NV, Belgium. It is governed by the laws of Belgium.

Start using your security deposit account right away

You don’t need to be with us to open a security deposit account, but you do need a Belgian ID card. Simply open the account through our website to start using it right away and we’ll e-mail your landlord to confirm everything if you like.

Bank with us and you can quickly open the account in KBC Mobile or KBC Touch. That could come in handy if your landlord only wants to give you the keys after arranging the security deposit.

Security deposit account earnings

Current rates

Base rate of interest 0.45%
Fidelity bonus 0.45%

The rates shown are gross and annualised and can change at any time. Current rates are always shown above or can be obtained from your KBC branch. If the rates change, we will inform you by post or through one of our digital channels.

Savings start earning interest at the base rate on the first calendar day after the transaction date and cease to earn interest from the calendar day on which they are withdrawn. This interest is paid into your account once a year (with a value date of 1 January) or when you close your account

.You receive the fidelity bonus for amounts that remain on the savings account for 12 consecutive full months called the ‘calculation period’. 

Every time a fidelity bonus is acquired, a new 12-month calculation period will start. The fidelity bonus rate is the interest rate prevailing on the first day of a new calculation period. That rate is fixed and remains unchanged for the entire 12-month calculation period.

The fidelity bonus will be paid into your account on 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October after being acquired in the preceding quarter. Any fidelity bonus acquired will also be paid when you close your account.

Features of a KBC Security Deposit Savings Account

  • Tax efficient
    Individuals who are resident in Belgium are exempt from 15% withholding tax, on the first 1,020 euros of interest earned each year (2024 income). Married couples and legal cohabitees are entitled to an exemption of up to 2,040 euros a year (income year 2024) on a joint account.
  • Free of charge
    There are no charges for opening and managing the account.
  • Open-ended
    The KBC Security Deposit Savings Account is an open-ended product. The security deposit agreement linked to this account remains in force until the security deposit savings account is closed.


  • Insolvency risk: a maximum of 100,000 euros of your aggregate deposits with KBC Bank are guaranteed per person, subject to certain conditions. In the event of KBC’s insolvency (e.g., if it goes into bankruptcy), you run the risk of losing any deposits you have over 100,000 euros, or their amount could be reduced or converted into shares. You can obtain a copy of our ‘Protection of deposits and financial instruments in Belgium’ brochure from your KBC branch or from

  • Inflation risk: this savings account also has an inflation risk, as sustained price increases can result in the amount deposited losing value.

Releasing funds on a security deposit

You open a KBC Security Deposit Savings Account when the lease starts and the deposit is released at the end of the lease by:

  • written agreement between the tenants and the landlord (or joint landlords)
  • court order (small claims court)

You no longer have to go to a KBC branch to ask for the deposit to be released. Instead, you can do it easily in our app by scanning or taking a photo of the completed and signed release document, the lease and the landlord's ID card (or copies of each landlord's card if the property is jointly owned) and forwarding them to us in KBC Mobile or KBC Touch. If everything is in order, we return the amount of the security deposit (plus interest), ensuring it is divided up as agreed.

Besides arranging your security deposit, remember to take out tenant property insurance too

Tenants in Flanders and Wallonia must have property insurance (i.e. home insurance) if the rented property is their main residence. Read the Insurance Information Document carefully before taking out this insurance. More information on property insurance.

More information about the KBC Security Deposit Savings Account

Please read these documents before opening a security deposit savings account.


  • If you have a complaint, please contact KBC Complaints Management:
  • If the matter fails to be resolved through this channel, you can turn to the Ombudsman in financial conflicts (

Did you know Kate can also help you with your security deposit?

If you’re planning on renting and need to arrange a security deposit, just tell Kate: ‘I want to open a security deposit savings account’. You can find Kate, your digital assistant, in the top-right corner of KBC Mobile.

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