Zakelijk luik in KBC Mobile
Zakelijk luik in KBC Mobile

Questions about the business section in KBC Mobile

Questions about the business section in KBC Mobile

In the business section at the bottom of KBC Mobile's main menu, you can see at a glance how your business is doing and what’s on your to-do list. All the information is conveniently grouped by company. You can

  • View account details and apply to open new accounts
  • Manage incoming and outgoing invoices thanks to Billit
  • Manage expenses and send them to your accountant
  • Draw down loans and apply for new ones

Besides the business section of KBC Mobile, you can also find business information (your business banking and insurance products) under ‘My KBC > Zakelijk’.

KBC customers with a business product can access the business section. These are customers who have a company number or have a business product with KBC. It does not include customers who only have business insurance. Persons with power of attorney for a company's business account can also access the business section for that particular company.
If you already have a business product, but the registration process for your business still has to complete at KBC, you will see a message at the top of the business section telling you to wait because the business section doesn’t contain any information.

By using the ‘business/personal toggle’ feature, you determine whether the business section is visible in KBC Mobile or not.

The ‘Expenses’, ‘Accounts’, ‘Loans’ and ‘Invoicing’ blocks are active for the legal representatives and persons holding power of attorney for the chosen company. Like KBC Touch, just one user can activate ‘Invoicing’ for a specific company.

If you have several companies, you will see a separate tab for each company at the top of the business section. If you’re self-employed too, you’ll also see a tab for your sole-trader business.
Tap the name of the company whose business section you want to see.

You see ‘Accounts’ and ‘Loans’ right from the start, but you have to go through a process before ‘Invoicing’ and ‘Expenses’ become visible. If you’ve already gone through this process in KBC Touch, these blocks can be seen right away in KBC Mobile.

To see the ‘Income & expenditure’ block, you need to activate ‘Insights’ in your capacity as legal representative and/or agent holding power of attorney by going to KBC Mobile's settings:

  • Tap your photo/profile icon at the top left of your screen
  • Scroll to and tap ‘Privacy’ and then ‘Extra convenience’
  • Activate ‘Extra convenience’