Support the victims of the crisis in Ukraine

Support the victims of the crisis in Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine is currently very uncertain. The military conflict has caused not only material damage, but also untold human suffering. Fortunately, we can help by raising the funds needed to support humanitarian actions and aid programmes.

Under the name of Ukraine 12-12, the members of Consortium 12-12 are launching a joint appeal on behalf of the victims, and you can do your part to help.

Make a donation using the payment button in KBC Mobile

You can now quickly and easily make a donation using the special payment button in KBC Mobile. Together, we can help save more lives.

Make a donation

How does it work?

  • Open KBC Mobile on your phone
  • Go to ‘Offer’, scroll to ‘Other services’ and select ‘Ukraine 12-12’
  • Choose your donation, confirm, and you're done!

Don't have KBC Mobile?

You can also donate on the  Consortium 12-12 website.