Attractive young woman holding phone, calling emergency car service while standing, leaning on her broken car with open hood on the city street

If you need to file a claim or report a hospitalisation, Kate can help with that!

There’s only one thing you need to remember when you want to quickly report a hospitalisation or file a claim following storm damage, theft or an accident: just ask Kate! 

Kate is your digital assistant in KBC Mobile. Just say: ‘File a claim’ and you’ll be sorted in no time

  • Kate  helps you get started right away and will assist you in finding whatever you need. 
  • Even if it’s at a moment’s notice
  • No paperwork

Hopefully you don’t need to file a claim right now, so why not get to know Kate  a little first? 

Just ask Kate. Scan the QR code or say to Kate: ‘File a claim’. You can find Kate at the top right of KBC Mobile.

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