General queries

Frequently asked questions

General queries

Frequently asked questions

General queries on KBC Mobile

  1. A smartphone
  2. A KBC Debit Card and card reader, the itsme app or your personal QR code (at your branch or insurance agency).
  3. An account with us (you can open an account with us online or the first time you use the app)

You don’t need to be with us to use our app’s additional services. All you need is a smartphone with a mobile number.

Not with us yet? You can still benefit from some of the advantages of KBC Mobile, like our additional services and Kate Deals. All you need is a smartphone with a mobile number.

  1. A smartphone
  2. The itsme app or your personal QR code (at your branch or insurance agency).

You can do so using a Wi-Fi connection or via your mobile phone network.

We don’t currently charge for the app or use of our mobile banking service and don't plan to either. We may charge for new additional features in the future, but we’ll always ask first whether you wish to use and pay for them. That way, you’ll never be faced with extra charges all of a sudden. If you use KBC Mobile over a Wi-Fi connection or mobile phone network, additional charges may apply.

If you don’t use Wi-Fi, you’ll need a data plan. You will not need ‘Unlimited use’, as large amounts of data are never sent.


‘Offer’ shows you a list of products that you can get from us online using our Mobile and Touch apps, and through our website.

  • KBC's banking and insurance products
  • Deals
  • Additional services

If you’ve purchased tickets for additional services, you can also find them under ‘Offer’.

If a product is only available through our website and not through our KBC Touch or KBC Mobile app, you’re redirected to our website and therefore leave the app. We do this so we can help you as quickly as possible.


In the app's login screen, go to 'Menu > Contact > General contacts' to see a list of contacts.

Call us immediately any time on 016 432 000  (+32 16 432 000 from abroad) (emergency numbers).

We'll block access to your KBC Mobile account right away. If you want to use KBC Mobile again, you'll need to re-register and re-activate the app.

Apps that compress data on the 3G network to reduce data traffic may prevent KBC Mobile from working properly. Our systems are unable to use compressed data, so you’ll be shown an error message.

So, watch out for apps like these and avoid downloading them unnecessarily. And if you already have apps like this installed, uninstall them to avoid problems with KBC Mobile.

Still have questions or want to learn more? Just call our KBC-Helpdesk.


All your KBC products and services are conveniently listed under ‘My KBC’, including your accounts, means of payment, investments, loans and insurance.

You will also find your contacts, appointments, messages and documents (including tax certificates, expense statements and invoices) under ‘My KBC’.

Any products that used to be categorised under ‘Home’, ‘Family’ or ‘Vehicle’ can now be found under ‘My KBC’ in the ‘Loans and insurance’ category. You can view details of any loans and insurance in your name or for which you have power of attorney.

Claim under virtually any personal insurance with us the easy way using our KBC Mobile app, including claims relating to:

  • Hospitalisation
  • Home damage
  • Vehicle damage
  • Family

Submit and easily track claims using KBC Mobile.

You can calculate and take out

  • Insurance for your passenger car, light goods vehicle or motorcycle
  • Travel insurance
  • Home assistance insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Bicycle insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Family insurance

You can also calculate and take out loans, including

  • Instalment loans
  • Mortgage loans (home loans)

Business loans and insurance

Under ‘My KBC’.

You can check details of business finance where you're the borrower, legal representative or agent.

You can also check details of business insurance where you're the insured or policyholder.

You can work out and apply for

  • Business budget facilities (letting you overdraw your business account)
  • Tax pre-payment plans
  • Car, van or light goods vehicle finance through investment credit, leasing or renting

You can work out and apply for

  • Passenger car insurance
  • Light goods vehicle insurance
  • Motorcycle insurance

Open the details of your finance or insurance for a link to more information.
If you still have questions, just contact KBC Live for more help.

Signing documents digitally

Currently, you can sign for

  • Business credit facilities without new guarantees
  • Tax-prepayment plans
  • Home loans
  • Home insurance
  • Loan balance insurance
  • Travel insurance, assistance insurance for your home, bicycle insurance, accident insurance, family insurance, car insurance, motorcycle insurance, cyber insurance
  • Business insurance for employees, third-party liability, equipment and ten-year liability
  • Voluntary Supplementary Pension Scheme for the Self-employed (VSPSS) and Social VSPSS, National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (NIHDI), Pension Agreement for the Self-employed (PAS), Individual Pension Scheme (IPS), Group insurance

You’re sent an alert which will appear under ‘Actions’ (tap the bell icon in the top righthand corner of the screen after logging in). Tap the alert to go to where you can sign.

You do this the same way as you sign transfer orders.

Yes, as long as they all have KBC Touch or KBC Mobile.

Everyone signs on their own device with their own user account.

Signed documents or contracts can be found

  • On the product details screen in Mobile and under ‘Documents’ under ‘My KBC’
  • In your documents in Touch
  • In Doccle (if you have a Doccle account)

Messages can be accessed for two years and documents for at least seven years.

There are two ways to get and/or print off your documents

  • Download them while going through the steps
  • Download the signed documents from ‘Documents’ or Doccle

Activating itsme using KBC Mobile

It’s an app that allows you to place your identity card on your smartphone with total security.

The app is a collaborative venture between Belfius, BNP, ING, KBC, Orange, Telenet, Proximus and the Belgian government.

Learn more about itsme.

If you already use our Mobile app, you can use it to sign up for itsme.

When signing up, select us as your bank. We’ve already scanned your ID card when you decided to bank with us, so we can forward these details securely to itsme.

If you’re not yet with us, then you’ll need to register on itsme through another bank or using an electronic identity card.

If you’ve installed the itsme app, you can use it to register in KBC Mobile without a debit card and card reader, even if you’re not a customer with us.

You can also use itsme to open an account with us through our website. Accounts you open with us online can be used right away. You must be over 18.

The itsme app lets you log in and sign for things in various applications. In due course, card readers (eID readers, card readers, etc.) will all become redundant.

Just call our Helpdesk. Tap 'My KBC', followed by 'All contacts' under the 'Your contacts' section to see a list of your contacts.


See our various daily limits and the minimum and maximum amounts we use in KBC Mobile.

Learn more about limits and the applicable amounts.

Questions about 'Start'

  • Swipe the tiles at the top of your home screen all the way to the left
  • Tap ‘Edit favourites’
  • Tap and hold the three-bar icon next to your product and drag it to your preferred position
  • Swipe the tiles at the top of your home screen all the way to the left
  • Tap ‘Edit favourites’
  • Uncheck the product you want to remove from your home screen

It shows you relevant messages you’ve opted to receive.

You can change your settings here

  • ‘Extra convenience’: Start > Your profile icon/photo at the top left of your screen > Security and privacy > Privacy > Extra convenience
  • 'Commercial settings': Start > Your profile icon/photo at the top left of your screen > Security and Privacy > Privacy'> Show insights and categories


You’re always shown your favourite additional services. We adapt this as you start to use other services.

‘Income & Expenditure’ gives you a handy overview of your income and expenditure for the current month. To get more details, just tap the tile. You can also compare your income and expenditure across several months.

If you’ve set a monthly budget, you will also see the tile with your budgets the next time you log in. This service allows you to track what you’ve already spent in the current month for a particular category of expenditure. You can, of course, change your target budget at any time.

  • Tap the 'Insights & expenditure’ tile in your start screen and select ‘New budget’
  • Tap the tile with your budgets in the start screen and then the plus sign (+) at the top to set a new monthly budget

Tap the tile with your budgets in the start screen, use the icons at the top to choose your category and tap ‘Change your budget’.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner of a tile and then ‘Hide widget on your start screen’. The tile will disappear from your start screen right away.

If you want to put the tile back on your start screen, go to the ‘Insights & expenditure’ page, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the tile and then ‘Show widget on your start screen’. The tile will appear on your start screen right away.

Tap the ‘Insights & expenditure’ button at the bottom of your start screen.

You’ve either chosen not to display your insights or you don’t have a current account at KBC.

If you also want to receive insights

  • Activate ‘Extra convenience’ first: tap your profile icon/photo at the top left of your screen, scroll to and tap ‘Privacy’ and then ‘Extra convenience’.
  • Open a current account at KBC

What’s new in KBC Mobile?

After every update, you will receive a message informing you about the new features available on your home screen. You will also find details on these new features in the tips and tricks section in KBC Mobile.

No, you will only see the new features available to you.

If you use KBC Mobile but don't have an account with KBC, you'll find the services you can use at the top of the list. Services for which you need an account with KBC are listed at the bottom.

If you open an account with KBC, you can access all services. Do this with ease using KBC Mobile.

They will become available as soon as you have updated the app.

Useful tips & tricks in Mobile

For KBC customers

  • Tap ‘Offer’
  • At the bottom of your screen, tap ‘Get started’ under ‘Getting the most out of our app? See how with our top tips and tricks’

You have linked Mobile to an account held with another financial institution

  • Tap the ‘Payments’ tab at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap the banner at the top of your screen

You use Mobile but do not currently hold an account with KBC

  • Tap the ‘Payments’ tab at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap the banner at the top of your screen
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and tap ‘What can you do with KBC Mobile?’