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Hit the flicks with K’Ching

Catching a movie at Kinepolis? You’re in luck, as you can now easily buy your cinema tickets with ‘More cool stuff' in K’Ching!

Forget printing tickets and beat box office queues. And there’s no need for yet another separate app or sign-up. Simply choose your seats and the number and type of tickets you need, pay and you’re done!

Your tickets stay available offline, so no worries if you lose your mobile Internet!

How does it work?

  1. Open K’Ching and go to Discover
    Tap ‘More cool stuff’.

  2. Select Kinepolis
    Hit ‘Buy ticket’.

  3. Pick a film
    Choose seats and the number and type of tickets.

  4. Pay
Get K’Ching to buy cinema tickets

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