Overdrawing your account

KBC Budget Facility

Overdrawing your account

KBC Budget Facility

Cover urgent expenses

A KBC Budget Facility allows you to temporarily overdraw your account up to 1,250 euros, avoiding the need to dip into your savings.

No overdraft = no charges

If there's enough money on your account in a given month and you don't need to overdraw it, you pay nothing.

Three months to make your account positive again

You have up to three months to get your current account back in credit.

Reasons for overdrawing your account

If you need to urgently repair your car or you've got outstanding bills, a KBC Budget Facility lets you temporarily overdraw your account. You pay debit interest only on the amount you're overdrawn by and only for the days your account is overdrawn.

Credit limit

You can overdraw up to 1,250 euros. 

Back in the black

Once your account has been back in credit for at least one day, you can dip back into overdraft, and you once again have three months in which to get it back into the black.

Monthly summary

If you overdraw your account during a given month, you'll be sent a summary along with your account statements the next month, showing both the debit and credit interest.


When you sign up for a KBC Budget Facility, you get an open-ended credit facility.

Only for private purposes

A KBC Budget Facility can only be linked to a current account that you use solely for private purposes.

Young people

The KBC Budget Facility can also be activated for a Young person's account, provided your credit application is approved by KBC Bank. Younger account holders pay less interest if they overdraw their account.

Debit interest charges

  • Interest is calculated at the end of each quarter. If the debit interest due comes to more than 2.50 euros (after adding the credit interest accrued), it'll be automatically deducted from your current account. 
  • However, if it's 2.50 euros or less, it'll be added to the next quarter’s debit interest. 
  • Final settlement takes place at the end of each year, whether or not the debit interest due exceeds 2.50 euros.

What it costs: Sample charges

  Variable debit interest rate
Annual percentage rate of charge (APR)
Open-ended credit facility of 1,250 euros
10.48% 10.48%
Open-ended credit facility of 1,250 euros (for under-25s)
7.34% 7.34%

Attention, borrowing money also costs money

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