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Ordering foreign currency

Free of charge
if you’re a customer with us
  • Order your foreign currency quickly and easily online. Kate’s on hand to help 24/7 in KBC Mobile
  • Collect your banknotes from your branch within three business days
  • Choose from a wide selection of currencies
Order your foreign currency

When do you need foreign currency?

Travelling outside Europe or to a non-euro country like the UK, Sweden or Switzerland and intend to pay for things in cash in those countries? The easy solution is to order your foreign currency online. What’s more, if you’re a customer it’s free of charge.

Order your foreign currency with Kate in KBC Mobile!

Just ask Kate for instant help.

Order foreign currency with Kate

More information on ordering foreign currency

Ordering foreign currency is easy with one of our free apps

  • With KBC Mobile on your smartphone
  • With KBC Touch on your tablet or PC

The app shows when we expect to receive your foreign banknotes, which is within three business days on average.

You decide which branch you want to collect the banknotes from. Unable to pick up your foreign currency right away? Don’t worry, we’ll keep it in our branch for seven days.

You select the KBC current account to pay from and we’ll debit the amount from that account when your order arrives at our branch.

Payment cannot be made from a savings account.

  • US dollar
  • Australian dollar
  • Pound sterling
  • Bulgarian lev
  • Canadian dollar
  • Hungarian forint
  • Japanese yen
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Serbian dinar
  • Czech koruna
  • South African rand
  • Swedish krona
  • Swiss franc
Order your foreign currency