Prepaid Mastercard at KBC

1 euro a month
  • Pay worldwide using the Mastercard network
  • Keep your spending budget under control
  • Pay securely and easily online
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Why this particular prepaid card?

Love travelling? This card is widely accepted worldwide where you see the Mastercard sign.
Avid online shopper? Indulge yourself in the many online stores that accept Mastercard payments.

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1. Keep full control of your spending

Tied selling, closing-down sales, Black Friday… There are more deals are to be had than just during the traditional sales – and that could be perilous for your pocket.

Fortunately, a prepaid Mastercard lets you set the most you can spend by only putting that amount onto your card when loading it. That way, you stay out of the red and avoid unwanted surprises at the end of the month.

2. Shop securely online

If you’re increasingly buying things online, that’s no surprise. More and more of us are using the Internet to purchase holidays, tickets, clothing and more.

Our prepaid Mastercard lets you do so securely with no link to your bank account.

3. Use it worldwide

Dreaming of faraway sunny holidays and adventure trips or breaks closer to home in Belgium or the Netherlands?

ATMs and payment terminals accepting Mastercard are everywhere. Take your KBC Prepaid Card with you to travel without cash on you.

4. Put no more than 5 000 euros on each card

The quick load facility in our KBC Touch and KBC Mobile apps lets you decide how much to put up on your card. You can put up to 5.000 euros on each card.

5. Pay just 1 euro a month

Using your KBC Prepaid Card costs just 1 euro a month. A little to pay for lots of benefits.

6. Pay by contactless

Simply hold your Mastercard prepaid card against a contactless terminal to pay quickly and securely. Contactless payments are processed in the same way as when you insert your card into the terminal and enter your PIN. Rather not use your card’s contactless feature? Just switch it off using our KBC Touch or KBC Mobile.

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7. The perfect pocket-money card

Maybe your teenagers (and you too!) are ready for a bit more freedom, but you still want to keep an eye on their finances? A prepaid card is ideal for giving them pocket money. You just load it with some cash and the kids manage it themselves. And even if they’re going to study abroad, a prepaid card is an easy way to support them.

8. What does a prepaid card cost you?

Annual charge

12 euros a year

Loading or unloading your card and checking your card balancee

Free of charge

Paying online and worldwide


  • Free if in euros
  • 1.6% exchange rate commission if
    in currencies other than the euro

Replacing your card via Card Stop
(if lost or stolen)

Free of charge

Withdrawing cash in euros

  • At ATMs: 1% of the amount (minimum charge of 5 euros)
  • Over the counter at banks and bureaux de change abroad: 2% of the amount (minimum charge of 5 euros)

Card details

Standard spending limit Card balance
Preload or pay after Preload
Fee per month 1,00 euro/month
Purchase protection and extended warranty insurance
Online shopping protection
Travel cancellation
Extended warranty for grey goods (PC, tablet, etc. )
Extra cover while travelling
Admission Ticket Cancellation Insurance
I'm a big fan of the Mastercard prepaid card, as I can quickly and easily place an online order anywhere. It's also ideal if you travel a lot, because you can safely and – more importantly – quickly put money on your card and manage your budget at the same time.

Eva Boon from Merelbeke

Get a prepaid card online

Important: If you don't use KBC Touch, contact your KBC Live.

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