KBC Mobile KBC K'Ching vergelijken
KBC Mobile KBC K'Ching vergelijken

Compare our KBC Mobile and K'Ching apps

Get the app that suits you best

Compare our KBC Mobile and K'Ching apps

Get the app that suits you best

Ready to bank with your phone? Great! You can choose between the K'Ching app and the KBC Mobile app. Don’t worry though. You can bank online with both. However, you may favour one over the other depending on the banking products you already have and what you want to use it for.

Compare them to find the one best suited to you. Can't make your mind up? Why not get them both. ;)

Things you can do with both apps

  • Make cardless cash withdrawals and payments
  • Sending money in euro
  • Check how much is left on your account
  • See a list of your recent transactions

What’s the difference?

Compare mobile banking apps
  • K'Ching is our straightforward, customisable and interactive payment app for young people.

The app is not just limited to online banking. You can also personalise it, send friends a card to remind them they owe you money, or check the timeline to win great prizes.

  • KBC Mobile is our full-on banking app that lets you manage all your banking products.

If you've a number of current accounts or regularly use your credit card, you can use the app to manage these operations. Not only that, you can also set up standing orders, save for your pension or make investments.





KBC Mobile
Sending money in euro
Pay without your debit card

Withdraw cash with your phone

Manage current and savings accounts
1 Multiple
Make investments
Apply for and manage credit cards
Save for retirement
Set up standing orders
SurprisePay someone
Personalise your app
See your balance offline
Check your luncheon vouchers
Buy a bus or train ticket
Park with 4411
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