Pay contactless with our K’Ching app

Fast and secure payments without the hassle

Pay contactless with our K’Ching app

Fast and secure payments without the hassle

What are contactless payments by debit card?

We’ve all been there: endless queues at the tills, just when you want to grab a sandwich and still make your train. That’s when you want to pay fast and go. So do we! Contactless lets you pay in no time.

Pay quickly and securely for small purchases like a newspaper, train ticket or quick bite to eat by simply holding your KBC Bank Card close to the contactless reader.

Contactless payments are processed in just the same way as payments using your card and PIN, except much faster.

Safety first!

You can make contactless payments of up to 25 euros per transaction without having to enter your PIN. Payments of over 25 euros require your PIN.

Shopping, drinks with friends or a night out at the movies can all be paid for by contactless one after the other (up to a total amount of 50 euros). If you reach that threshold, you’ll need to make a chip and PIN card payment to be able to pay by contactless again.

Which card should I use?

Card for contactless payments

You can pay by contactless online using your KBC Bank Card, KBC Prepaid Card or KBC- Credit card. If your card has the contactless logo on it (four radio waves), you’re good to go.

When you see this symbol on a payment terminal, you’ll know that you can pay by contactless there.

Drat, forgot my card again

Fear not! Our K’Ching app lets you easily transfer money or withdraw money.

MobilePay using K’Ching
From paying back friends after a night out to online shopping, our K’Ching app’s MobilePay feature lets you pay without needing your card and card reader. Simply scan the QR code with your phone and enter your PIN. Paying online has never been so fast and easy!

MobileCash using K’Ching
No cash on you and you’ve forgotten your debit card. Been there!

Our K’Ching app’s MobileCash feature lets you withdraw money from our ATMs using your phone. No card required!

Heard of Google Pay?

Pay easily without a debit card or fuss in a single tap with the Google Pay app!

It lets you pay contactless in stores where you see the Maestro, Google Pay or contactless logo.

Pay and go
Just hold your phone to the contactless reader and you’re done!

Learn more
See all about Google Pay.

Don’t have an Android phone?
Don’t worry, we’ve got a couple of handy payment apps for you too: KBC Mobile and Payconiq.

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