Regulated savings accounts marketed by KBC

All the relevant information pertaining to the three regulated savings products offered by KBC has been summarised for you on this page.

Transferring your accrued fidelity bonus to another savings account

If you’re transferring an amount of money from one savings account to another at KBC, you can transfer your accrued fidelity bonus too if you meet the following conditions:

  • Both savings accounts have at least one common account holder.
  • You transfer at least 500 euros but not by standing order.
  • You make no more than three such transfers from the same savings account in the same calendar year.

If the conditions are met, the current calculation period for the fidelity bonus is not ended, but continues instead on the savings account receiving the funds.

Information on rates and conditions applying to regulated savings accounts

The regulated savings accounts offered by KBC are listed below, with the account offering the highest return after 12 months appearing at the top of the list. 

The income you earn always comprises a base rate of interest and a fidelity bonus. Important: interest at the base rate and the fidelity bonus are currently only aggregated for amounts that remain on your account for one year and as long as the base rate of interest remains unchanged!

Before opening a savings account with us, be sure to read the key information for savers.

1. KBC Start2Save
When you want to save a fixed amount each month
Category Base rate of interest Fidelity bonus Both rates combined Conditions
B 0.75% per annum 1.80% per annum 2.55% per annum You can save up to 500 euros a month by means of a monthly savings standing order.
Read the Key information for savers.
2. KBC Savings Account
When you want to save at your own pace
Category Base rate of interest Fidelity bonus Both rates combined Conditions
A 0.45% per annum 0.45% per annum 0.90% per annum None.
Read the Key information for savers.
3. KBC Tall Oaks Savings Account
When you want to save for a child
Category Base rate of interest Fidelity bonus Both rates combined Conditions
A 0.45% per annum 0.45% per annum 0.90% per annum You save for someone else.
Read the Key information for savers.

Learn more about the categories on this Wikifin page (FR).

Interest starts to be earned at the base rate on the day after the funds are deposited into the account and continues to be earned until the day they are withdrawn. The bank can change this rate at any time. This interest is paid into your account for value on 1 January or when you close your account.

The fidelity bonus is only acquired when funds remain on the regulated savings account without interruption for a period of 12 months after being deposited. If you withdraw them before the end of the 12-month period, you will not receive a fidelity bonus on that money. Such a withdrawal will not have any impact on the interest you receive at the base rate. This bonus starts to accumulate on the day after the deposit. A new 12-month acquisition period starts on the day after the fidelity bonus is acquired. The bank can change the fidelity bonus rate at any time. The interest rate applying to the fidelity bonus at the time the deposit is made or at the start of a new acquisition period will remain unchanged for 12 months. The fidelity bonus already acquired will be paid into your account on the first day after the quarter in which it was acquired, i.e. on 1 January, on 1 April, on 1 July and on 1 October, or when the account is closed. Customers will be notified by post or via digital channels if rates are to change.

There are no charges for opening and managing a savings account. Receiving printed account statements by post costs 2.50 euros a month if they are sent monthly or 25 euros a month if sent daily.

KBC savings calculator

The savings calculator enables you to check the extent to which the base rate of interest and fidelity bonus have been acquired on a specific account, so you can assess what the impact would be of withdrawing funds from it. You can find the savings calculator in KBC Touch.

  1. Log in to KBC Touch.
  2. Select the savings account whose interest you want to calculate.
  3. Select 'Manage' and then 'Interest details' lower down the screen.
  4. Request an overview, see your last interest payment or simulate the effect of a withdrawal.

Which account and which interest income match your needs?

This link (FR) takes you to the web page containing the savings account simulator developed by the FSMA. If you enter certain data, such as the amount to be saved and for how long, the simulator will generate an overview of the potential return per regulated savings account and per bank.

Moving to another bank

This link (FR) takes you to Febelfin's Bank Switching Service where you can find all the information you need for moving to another bank.

Main risks

  • Insolvency risk: If the financial institution goes bankrupt or is in danger of going bankrupt, the saver runs the risk of losing their savings or they may be subject to a reduction/conversion into shares (bail-in) of the amount of the claim they have against the financial institution for the sum above 100 000 euros that is covered under the deposit guarantee. More information on this protection mechanism can be found on the Guarantee Fund’s website.
  • Inflation risk: Sustained price increases may result in the amount deposited losing value.


  • The accounts described on this page are regulated savings accounts at KBC. They are governed by the laws of Belgium and are open-ended products.*

Tax treatment

  • No withholding tax is due on the first 1,020 euros of interest earned (for income year 2024) per account, per year and per natural person resident in Belgium. That amount is doubled for accounts opened in the name of married couples or legally cohabiting partners (i.e. 2,040 euros for income year 2024).
  • Withholding tax of 15% is charged on any interest exceeding these ceiling amounts and is automatically deducted at source by your bank.
  • If you have several savings accounts, you have to declare on your tax return the interest income exceeding the ceiling amount that has not been subject to withholding tax.


  • If you have a complaint, please contact KBC Complaints Management:
  • If the matter fails to be resolved through this channel, you can turn to the Ombudsman in financial conflicts (

* The third-party beneficiary contract linked to the KBC Tall Oaks Savings Account is for a fixed term: you have full say as to when the money can be released to the beneficiary.