How to bank on your phone, tablet or PC

How to bank on your phone, tablet or PC

KBC Mobile and KBC Touch give you the freedom to do your banking business and much more besides, wherever you're at.

You can safely get started right away with KBC Touch on your PC or tablet, or if you prefer, you can bank on your phone with our KBC Mobile app. 

With KBC Mobile and KBC Touch, you:

  • can check your account information for free, anytime, anywhere
  • avoid paying postage for paper bank statements
  • get all your communications and messages in digital form only
  • always have the fastest access to your messages and documents
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If you've got itsme on your phone or have a KBC Card Reader, you can get started right away. See how.

Our apps have more features and are better equipped than an ATM. Check out our videos to learn more.

KBC Touch also makes it easy for you to check your account statements. See how it works.

Anything still unclear or need help with our apps? Our digital coaches will be happy to help you step by step over the phone. Just call us on 016 43 25 50 (weekdays between 8.30 a.m. and 5 p.m.) to schedule an appointment with one of them.

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The free starter pack includes a KBC Card Reader, which you need to use with a KBC Debit Card. If you don't have a KBC Debit Card, use the itsme app to activate KBC Mobile.

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