Steun de slachtoffers van de aardbeving in Syrië en Turkije

Support the victims of the earthquake in Syria and Turkey

The survivors of the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey need urgent help. By donating, you can help Consortium 12-12 organisations make a difference where it’s needed most, on the ground among the people affected by the earthquakes.

Under the name of SYRIA-TURKEY EARTHQUAKE 12-12, the members of Consortium 12-12 are launching a joint appeal on behalf of the victims, and you too can do your part to help. You can donate to the appeal either using the payment button in KBC Mobile.or by asking Kate to ‘make a donation through 12-12’ – she'll then guide you through the steps right away.

Donate now using the payment button in KBC Mobile or just ask Kate

You can now quickly and easily make a donation either using the special payment button in KBC Mobile or by asking Kate. Together, we can help save more lives.

How does it work?

  • Open KBC Mobile on your phone
  • Ask Kate to ‘make a donation through 12-12’, or go to ‘Offer’, scroll to ‘Charities’ and tap the ‘Syria-Turkey Earthquake’ tile
  • Choose your donation, confirm, and you're done!

If you prefer to donate directly, tap the button below:

Make your donation

Don’t have KBC Mobile?

You can also donate by bank transfer to account number BE 19 0000 0000 1212.